Poketshop: Discover what is new in stores around you

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Poketshop, mobile marketplace for physical retail stores, announces the launch of its mobile app on android platform. An online-to-offline or O2O commerce venture, Poketshop is here to alter the way Indians shop and interact with their favourite stores, shops and local businesses. Currently targeting the lifestyle category, it allows retail businesses to create mobile, limited time promotion ads, in less than 60 seconds and drive traffic to their store, shop or business instantly.

Shoppers can discover what’s new and happening at their local high-street stores on mobile, chat with them, find the most inviting offers and then make an informed purchase through the app or with a walk-in!

Currently available in Gurgaon, the app has already signed up 500 retail stores on its platform.  It is also creating a huge disruption in the retail space by further bolstering the market position of offline businesses. The perfect bridge between virtual and brick-and-mortar retail, the Poketshop app is a true shot in the arm for local retail operating in nearby markets, malls, high streets stores as it will change the way they acquire new consumers to walk in or discover their business. The app leverages mobile tech to enhance their sales and footfalls. Poketshop is currently free for merchants and it’s extremely easy to set up a store on it.

Mr. Samarth Goyal, Founder & CTO, POketShop said, “At PoketShop we are solving two problems, for shoppers might know what’s around them in terms of physical locations, but they actually don’t know what’s happening inside those businesses at that moment,” Samarth said.

Businesses also suffer from a similar problem. The No. 1 challenge for offline retail is new customer acquisition, “How do you get people in the neighborhood to walk into their business with the intent to make a purchase?” Samarth said
At PoketShop, we allow anyone in the area to see what merchants want shoppers to know, whether it’s a half-price sale on a branded clothing for the next two days, or a flash sale on a particular item at a local business. It’s like a hyper-local social shopping network. We are committed to making user shopping experience joyous by marrying online shopping with the fun of touch-feel experience of the offline format”

Poketshop is adding 10-15 stores on its platform each week. We aim to double the number of local businesses by end of this year.

The Poketshop app is efficient, smooth and perfectly tailored to delight the urban consumer, always in the search for instant gratification. If users like a product or promotion on the app, they have to swipe right. If something doesn’t pique interest then they need to swipe left. Shoppers can also save offers in their wishlist and avail these at the physical store. Payments can be done through Debit or Credit Cards or through the PayUmoney Wallet. It offers shoppers a curated list of sales, promotions and products at their favourite high-street stores besides the option of chatting with sales representatives to check availability, designs and sizes.

At present, it covers a comprehensive list of fashion, lifestyle, footwear, home appliances and décor stores. With big plans on its radar, the company will soon also venture into the services segment and tie up with brands in the food, restaurant and hotel space.

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