Portronics Aims to Provide Latest Technology Gadgets at Affordable Prices

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Portronics is a prominent brand that provides trending portable Bluetooth speakers, earphones, car accessories, hubs & cables, power banks, and many more. In a conversation with Mobility Magazine, Mr. Jasmeet Singh Sethi, Founder & Director, Portronics talks about their brand strategy, insights into Make in India and the future outlook. 

How do position Portronics in the India market and what are your milestones so far?

Portronics is known for quality products and consistent growth in the mobile accessories market. Portronics was launched in 2010 with an aim to provide trending gadgets in the consumer space with the latest technology and a mix of Innovation and Portability. With over 1600+ successful product launches and innovations, we stay ahead in revolutionizing the Portable & Innovative technology that has been dominating the Indian landscape with a range of products which include Portable Bluetooth Speakers, Earphones, Car Accessories, Hubs & Cables, Power banks, and many more.

What are the USPs of ‘SoundDrum L’ Portable Bluetooth Speaker?

Portronics ‘SoundDrum L’ is crafted in an iconic cylindrical form, designed to give the users an immersive 360-degree sound experience that reaches every corner and every direction. Perfect for travelling, parties, and even work conferences, the Portronics Sound Drum L is an ultra-compact and lightweight speaker. Talking about the USP, it boasts of TWS and can be paired with another speaker using Bluetooth technology. For small parties or get-togethers, paired with another speaker it churns out 30W*2 output and delivers impeccable sound. It creates a true wireless experience with even bigger and better sound.

How do you position your brand against the competitors?

Since inception, our core focus has been the quality and we follow the same principle which reflects in our products. We spike up the performance of our products with every new launch, upgrade quality, and most essentially and always ensure that our products do not pinch our customer’s pockets. Our vision and goal is to transform products from simple gadgets to an enriching lifestyle experience and with user-centric approach we strive to make life easier and more convenient. That’s what makes us stand unique from our competitors. 

How do you customize the products as per target audience?

Portronics gadgets and products rule over accessibility, quality and innovation. Thinking from the user’s perspective, our team designs the accessories and fulfills the modern needs of our customers with a stylish touch. We work on transforming the face of gadgets and take responsibility to refine the products by making them enablers for our users.

What are the various opportunities that you see in Make in India?

We believe, ‘Make in India’ initiative can do wonders by unfolding plenty of opportunities and propel the growth of the manufacturing sector, boost the economy and create jobs for many. Besides this, Make in India initiative can also make India as one of the top nations to invest in, resulting in more FDIs flow into the country.

What new products you are likely to launch?

We have been taking feedback from our valued customers time and again to enhance their experience and simplify lifestyles. Currently, we are focusing to skill up the performance of our already-existing super-hit product series that has been well received by our customers. We have successfully launched Car Power 5, Car Power 6 under the Car Power series and Twins S, Twins S1, Twins S2 under Twins TWS-enabled Bluetooth Earphones. Besides this, we have also launched Pure Sound 1 Portable Soundbar and Modesk Burj Universal Mobile Phone Stand. All of our ‘Make in India’ innovative products are witnessing high demand. Pure Sound 1 Soundbar created a wave in the market; it got sold out just in 2 days.  

This encouragement from the market motivates us to keep innovating and come up with more products for serving our customers’ needs and demands at the best prices. Soon we are launching two more amazing products: Kronos Beta Smartwatch and Chime Bluetooth Speaker. 

What message you give your partners and how do you motivate them?

Our successful journey and constant growth motivate our partners. For more than a decade, Portronics has been committed to deliver the best of technology to every door in the nation and we’d also like to convey that we will consistently deliver the best services and products in the Indian market leading the growth of technology in the country.

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