“Quantum (QHMPL) has always been a perfect blend of Quality and Affordability”


Quantum Hi tech, established in 2002, is one of the fastest growing IT brands in India. Today, it is the frontrunner in consumer electronics, security solutions and high-quality IT hardware/peripherals, with its key objective being the unfailing commitment to highest standards of quality at most affordable prices.
Quantum (QHMPL) brand has demonstrated quick and robust expansion since its inception, showing profitability and growing sales in its first year of operations. It stands strong with its reach to more than a billion customers across the world since its establishment.

Quantum has a wide range of product portfolio that encompasses computer accessories, mobile accessories and also surveillance products. Recently, the brand has entered the surveillance segment with dome and bullet cameras, AHD (Analog High Definition) solutions, etc. Quantum’s wide product range offers superior value through good quality and best-in-class features at affordable prices.
A meticulously developed network of over 200 distributors, 20,000-plus resellers and 20-plus service touch-points are the pillars that strengthen Quantum’s foothold as a player present pan-India, in over 1000 cities and towns.

In an interaction with Mobility, Mr. Ashish Mutneja, Director, Quantum Hi Tech Merchandising Private Limited, shares Quantum’s philosophy, strategies and objectives.

What all changes you have witness in the market since 2002? What are the big challenges you have accomplished till date?
One of the key challenges which every brand faces is the ever-changing technology and also integration of the new product ranges in the industry continuously. The industry has become very dynamic and there has been growing competition from both the organized and unorganized markets. The varied demography and consumer needs require meticulous research and understanding to adopt and alter strategies for the products.

However, with all the challenges, Quantum stands strong successfully with double-digit growth in top line. Our strong in-house R&D set-up and the strategic alliances with the best manufacturing houses across the world enabled Quantum to successfully accomplish the growth and adaptability.

Our principle and key to success remains unchanged: Value for Money + Quality + Continual Innovation.

As a leading brand what all the big changes technology-wise have you brought into the consumer electronics, security solutions & high-quality IT peripherals?
Technology has become extremely dynamic and constant change has become a rule. One has to stay abreast of these changes and ensure that best and right technology is presented to the Indian consumer at the right time.

There has been an increasing demand for accessories from consumers and their easy availability in India has helped the market to grow. New vendors now specializing in IT and telecom accessories are coming to the country to exploit the potential here. The scenario is improving every passing day and there is scope for more branded players to participate as customers now aspire for better quality products and they are ready to pay higher amount as well.

Furthermore, today consumer demand is not restricted to just price and quality; it goes beyond! There has been a shift in the preferences of the consumers – they want a product that meets their personalized needs.

e-commerce portals also have propelled the growth in the market. Constant innovation has become an essential driver for the brands to establish a stronger foothold.

Next, both the domestic and international companies are facing tough competition from unbranded products, especially the ones imported from China. Due to a large number of mobile accessory manufacturers in China, many Chinese products are easily available in the grey markets and local stores. A significant number of consumers find these easily available accessories affordable and attractive. But the point to be emphasized here is that these products are driven by price and not quality, so marketers say: “Consumers BEWARE”

The other big change that is taking place is the Integration of IT and mobile technology. With the advent of smartphones and their growing penetration, we see the perfect blend of IT, mobile and security and we at Quantum are working on this combination diligently. One of the groundbreaking technologies, which Quantum has been working on, is the Measurement Security and Communication device powered by Microprocessors and Integrated Software, which has the potential to measure almost anything such as smoke, temperature, air quality, etc. Last, the SMS to mobile phones and the data could now be viewed through Cloud Server, which shall be live with us shortly.

How are you managing the online and traditional channel partners these days?
Catering to the ever-growing technological needs is a challenge in itself. Keeping the morale of the channel partners positive is of utmost importance. We provide newer products sooner and ensure that the channel profits have worked well for us. We also ensure the balanced distribution of the products; not over-distributing. Our main focus has been the traditional channel partners and our sales force also works aggressively to support them.

How Quantum’s products are different from others, what are the key differentiators?
Quantum’s products have always been the perfect blend of quality and affordability. The ideology, which has spearheaded the growth of the brand, is the Value for Money principle coupled with the latest technology and the finest quality. Quantum believes that the best way to guarantee the success of the products is to respond to the changing and dynamic needs of the consumers on time.

Next merit is the company’s ever-evolving technical prowess, supported by strategically developed testing, evaluation of specifications, benchmarking, quality upgradation, effective QC processes and product design and development facilities. Presence of a dedicated technical department with specialized engineers helps Quantum ride the technology wave with confidence. It boasts of a two-way communication loop and field-visit procedure to assess warranty failures and to continuously upgrade the quality of the products.

One of the biggest differentiators that sets Quantum apart from several others IT brands in India is we don’t just buy products internationally and sell them here; we with the help our robust R&D team ensure that every product is designed to meet the needs and expectations of the Indian customers. Our products are tailormade for the Indian conditions. There could many products in the market that look similar to our products, but our products work differently and deliver better.

How do look at the Government’s initiatives of Make in India and Smart City?
These are definitely very good initiatives and seem quite promising, but it is easier said than done. We feel this has not been well thought of, as understanding and taking right steps shall yield credible results. For instance one of the major issues one faces is in Customs Clearance of Goods grossly depleted prices. The next is the copy products from China for which the ground reality is that nothing has been done. The other major hitch being 24X7 uninterrupted electricity, which is a major deterrent. We are hoping the government’s plan of integrated grid’s dream does come true. It’s time to look towards development of Roads, Transport and build a smarter City. Last, the labor availability with schemes like MNREGA needs to be auctioned, which is a weaker spot.

What kind of opportunities and challenges you see in these Government’s initiatives?
Currently, India is at the doorstep where immense opportunities are knocking. After all India has the potential to become one of the largest economies – biggest GDP with consumer in years to come. However, what remains a challenge here is democracy.

At last what you want to convey to your potential customer?
Would like to summarize this discussion stating when you buy any Quantum’s product you are get value for Money to your spend. There are several brands out there but opt for Quality as a decision maker as that shall build an experience for you. We value your hard earned money with the right expectations.