“Rajchandra Agencies’ Growth is Driven by its ‘Strong Goodwill, highly Experienced & Committed Team’”

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Rajchandra Agencies, founded in 1998 and led by Mukesh R Gupta, is a Mumbai-based Distribution House catering to FMCG, Telecom, Smart phones, Mobile accessories & Insurance products. The company is currently a distributor for Vivo brand mobile phones in North Mumbai, Super Stockiest for PAPA brand accessories in Greater Mumbai, and Regional Distributor for Mobile Insurance Brand, DG Think Forward. The company also distributes FMCG products of ITC & is the biggest distributor for Airtel Mobility in Mumbai Circle.

Talking about the market trends, Mukesh Gupta comments, “Currently smartphone industry is entering a consolidation phase, a trend that has been witnessed in several other consumer product categories in the past (including FMCG & Telecom). Only the brands which can create ‘Pull’ for their products will survive in the long run; the ‘Push’ brands will be out sooner or later. Price wars are at the fiercest level in the smartphone industry at present and this may result in fewer brands surviving in the coming years. The current Indian market is flooded with a large number of mobile accessories brands because of low investments needed to launch an accessories brand compared to launching smartphones. Since there are too many brands in the market, most accessories brands are finding it tough to scale up their distribution across the country. Only the brands with deep pockets, powerful USPs, strong intent to provide quality and efficient distribution network will survive in the coming years.”

Besides their Head Office at Dahisar, Rajchandra Agencies has branch offices at Mira Road and Virar in Greater Mumbai city. The company boasts of a well equipped Office (H.O.) at Dahisar (Mumbai) managed by a robust & professional sales team to drive the Distribution business much needed in the competitive Mumbai Market.

Talking about their current focus, Mukesh Gupta states, “Our present focus is on the distribution of Vivo Smartphones so that the brand grows stronger and becomes No. 1 player in North Mumbai. Our next focus is on distribution of accessories. We are also dealing in mobile insurance for which there is a growing scope of business. We have two decades of experience in distribution maintaining healthy relations with partners in north & west Mumbai. This is a compelling differentiator between us and our competitors. The major challenge is getting back market outstandings and to avoid bad debts.”

Regional and National Associations are essential in the current market scenario to safeguard & protect the rights of its Mobile Distributor fraternity. Mukesh Gupta who has been a leading member of mobile associations, comments, “I have been the President of Mumbai Mobile Distributor Association (MMDA) since its inception in 2016 and one of the core committee members of the All India Mumbai Distributor Association (AIMDA) which came into existence in 2018. MMDA has been very effective while settling issues between the distributors and the brands. MMDA is a strong bridge between the brands and the channel partners including distributors and retailers and an effective platform to raise and resolve the industry-related issues amicably thru mutual trust and respect for one another.”

Today, an effective sales strategy, superior service experience to consumers and the right product mix targeting the desired set of consumers are crucial for the success of any brand. Regarding their service policy, brand association and future plans, Mukesh Gupta adds, “Vivo offers excellent customer service for its products. Our dedicated and experienced team of customer service professionals is a ‘big plus’ for us. Our tremendous business growth is attributed to the Vivo brand which has been doing very well. We are planning to launch our own branded of smartphone accessories & mobile insurance products in future. We are also open to new business options in distribution. After the initial hiccups, businesses are now more or less adapted themselves to GST Taxation system; we feel in the long-run GST is good for business environment as it brings transparency & hassle-free taxation system equally important for the growth of Indian economy.”

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