Recently Launched Mido Brand Already Selling 100,000 mobiles a Month


Bora & Bora Technologies LLP is an Indian firm founded by Mr. Rajender. P. Bora and Mr. Prashant Bora engaged in ecommerce, trading, distribution and manufacturing of consumer electronics products & accessories. It is a part of the Bora Group, a professionally run family-managed enterprise engaged in Food, Finance, Realty and Technology sectors in India with a presence of over 10 years. Bora and Bora Technologies LLP today manufactures and markets mobile phones, mobile chargers, power bank, etc. Bora and Bora Technologies LLP has its manufacturing plant and HO in Pune, Maharashtra and Bora and BoraTechnologies llp has its Sales Office in Delhi.East_Sun

In an interaction with Mobility magazine, Farid Ahmed, Director , Bora and Bora Technologies llp, shares their company’s vision, strategy and plans for their mobile phones and accessories.

Mr. Farid Ahmed Director, Bora and Bora Technologies LLP
Mr. Farid Ahmed Director, Bora and Bora Technologies LLP

Farid Ahmed comments, “We have a highly automated manufacturing plant in Pune, where we started manufacturing mobile phone and chargers 6 months back. We supply mobile  chargers to many top smart phone brands in India. We maintain very good quality and consistency. We also market mobile phones, under Mido brand, through our pan-India network of distributors. These mobiles are also available through ecommerce sites like Amazon, Flipkar, Homeshop 18, etc. They are selling very well, both via online and offline channels. We have not even completed one year after launching the brand into market and we are already selling over 100,000 units per month to the end consumers. And Our chargers stand up to our claims and work for 10,000 cycles, whereas most other providers make big claims, but often their chargers become defunct after only 3000 cycles. The difference between their claims and their actual deliverability is very wide in case of other brands.”

Now, after their stellar success, Bora and Bora Technologies llp is also foraying into smart phone and tablet market.

Mr. Prashant Bora CEO, Bora and Bora Technologies LLP
Mr. Prashant Bora CEO, Bora and Bora Technologies LLP

Farid Ahmed comments, “We have been providing feature phones, but now our future focus is mainly on providing tablets and smart phones.  Feature phones sales are coming down as people are shifting more and more to smart phones. So we are now working on smart phones and 3G and 4G tablets. We already have 3G, 5-inch smart phone that comes at only Rs 2499 for customer. And soon we are coming up with 4G, 4.5-inch and 5-inch smart phones for which we are yet to decided prices. The 4G calling tablet will be of 7-inch. All our products come with 1-year warranty. We are launching smart phones and tablets under the Mido brand.”

Besides selling very well on online sites, Bora and Bora Technologies llp has nearly 41 local distributors spread across India.

“Our battery and charger are of very good quality and our price is also very competitive. So our products are competing even with grey products, with little promotion; our products with great quality are often self-promoting with auto-publicity through word of mouth. This year, we want to double our sales,” adds Farid Ahmed.

Bora and Bora Technologies llp has its state-of-the-art manufacturing plant for mobile phone and chargers in Pune with 20 manufacturing lines. The plant covers an area 50,000 sq ft in two floors.

Regarding branding and promotion, Farid Ahmed concludes, “Wherever there is opportunity, we promote our brand and products. And as I said, our brand is self-promoting due to their high quality and reputation. For example, Snapdeal asked us funds for promoting our brand and they are promoting well. We also use media like magazines etc for promotion. We want to give the best possible products to the partners and the end consumers. With our focus on high quality and transparency, we hope our market share for our accessories and smart phones will increase rapidly in the coming months and years. Depending upon the market trend and demand, we will continue to add more products and models to our portfolio.”