“Redington is Spearheading the Rapidly Growing Samsung’s Enterprise Mobility Business”


redington30-5-14Redington, with their Head O ce in Chennai,is one of the leading distributors in India with their branch o ces spread all across India. They have one of their branch o ces in Okhla Industrial Area Phase-II in New Delhi which caters to the customers in the National Capital Region (NCR).

Gaurav Ganeriwala is the Branch Sales Manager(Components SBU), Delhi & NCR, Redington. The products and brands he is responsible to deal with include WD and Seagate (HDD), ASUS Fonepad), Digilite (Digitab), Transcend & Moser Baer (Flash memory), Gigabyte & MSI(motherboards), and Samsung’s entire range of products and Samsung’s Enterprise Mobility projects, among others.

Gaurav explains, “The latest trend with us is we are focusing on implementing Samsung’s Enterprise Mobility in enterprises across NCR. Samsung’s Enterprise Mobility,which is growing rapidly, is expected to increase by fourfold in India during this  nancial year over the last year’s.”

Redington is one of the established products and solutions providers in the information technology and digital lifestyle space, among others. A few years back, they launched Samsung’s enterprise mobility business in India, through which they enable the enterprises to integrate
mobile devices into their networking infrastructure. They have highly advanced and comprehensive solutions that enable organizations to create customer experiences consistent with their values and meet the dynamically changing market requirements. Globally Redington
operates in more than 24 countries, supported by a distribution network of more than 33,000 channel partners and facilitated by Automated Distribution Centers.Redington has a strong management team, robust & automated order processing systems, and professional business development and customer support teams.

Gaurav adds, “First, Samsung provided the setup for ICICI Tab banking project and then other banks also have started. From our distribution point of view, we want to be a preferred Value Added Distributor (VAD), so we are trying our best to be in that direction. To give the best value to the customers, we have separate teams for each segment and each team concentrate on the needs of that speci c segment.” Redington has 6 SBUs under IT which include component, enterprise, peripherals, software, networking, etc. Redington’s non-IT lifestyle products category includes gaming devices, smartphones and tablets.

Saurabh Srivastava, Asst Sales Manager, Redington,reveals, “A year back, we launched our enterprise mobility wing, which caters to integrating mobile devices, such as tablets into o ce networks of the enterprises.”

At present as part of components SBU, Saurabh’s responsibility is to deal, under the guidance of Gaurav, his senior, with Samsung’s enterprise mobility products and services. Saurabh shares, “Samsung Enterprise Mobility business is doing exceptionally well. For this  nancial
year, Samsung is targeting USD 400 million revenue from enterprise mobility in India as a whole. Redington will get a share of USD 100 million for the whole country. We are grooming our channel partners particularly system integrators (SIs) to operate in enterprise mobility segment. Some of our channel partners include Ricoh, Team Computers, NIIT, Quantum, Microchip, etc. For enterprise mobility, Samsung is targeting di erent verticals including manufacturing, education, baking and  nancial services, media and entertainment, real estate, etc. Samsung has
a complete range of products to meet the requirements of each and every class and stratum. Samsung has solutions that meet the needs of di erent verticals as well as horizontals with well-equipped network of service centers.”

Samsung role is providing the hardware such as gadgets. The Mobile Device Management (MDM) teams and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), who work in association with Samsung, do the customization part for the enterprises. Redington provides the necessary logistics, coordination, communication and feedback.

According to Saurabh, “Samsung has been very cooperative with us. In future, we are going to face competition from Nokia, Microsoft, Apple, etc. Samsung is gearing up to meet the future competition. If we look at the growth of Samsung’s enterprise mobility growth graph for the whole India, 2 years back it was USD 4 millions and last year it increased to a whopping USD 100 millions and as I have already mentioned this year they are expecting it to be over USD 400 million. These  gures show the phenomenal growth in the enterprise mobility. Our job includes generating leads and passing them to Samsung and MDM-ISVs. To support and motivate the partners, we also have credit facility for our channel partners depending upon their  nancial status.”

Gaurav details, “With a stable government coming to power, we are expecting many enterprises to install enterprise mobility. Our USPs are ful lling commitment levels both at the channel level and customer level; getting the right feedback from the market and providing deliveries promptly; providing good quality, both in terms of setup and services.