Rx Infotech (Lapcare ) donate 1 Ambulance to PRAYAS IT Society in Delhi to Help Covid-19 Victims

Rx Infotech

When Covid-19 is raging across the country and devastating the lives of millions around, saviors and fighters are emerging from each segment of society. Companies are taking initiatives to help the Covid-19 victims. One of such initiative is taken by Rx Infotech P Ltd (the India distributor of Lapcare) and Lapcare by donating a fully functional Ambulance to the PRAYAS Society. PRAYAS Society is run by 20+ IT companies across Delhi NCR. The group is dedicated to helping patients, hospitals, and families in the fight against Covid-19.

Society has been relentlessly involved in arranging Hospital beds, medication, oxygen cylinders & concentrators, ambulances, and financial help to the affected families. We applaud the efforts being put by Rx Infotech and PRAYAS Society during these testing times.

Mr. Atul Gupta of Rx Infotech commented, “This Covid-19 wave has been very severe and devastating. Under these circumstances, we want to do our bit to help the Covid-19 victims so we donated a fully functional ambulance to PRAYAS IT Society in Delhi to help the victims of Covid19, give first aid to the victims and ship them quickly to hospitals. We request everyone to follow the Covid-19 guidelines, wear a mask, maintain social distance and stay home as far as possible. Let us fight this pandemic together and we are sure we will overcome this crisis within a few months and our IT industry along with other industries will bounce back to normalcy.”