Saregama hymns the tunes of hope and love for old age homes; pledges to donate Carvaan to old age homes


After the launch of their recent campaign – Ghar Le Aayein, Saregama takes a step further to help the elderly find companionship and withstand these challenging times through the power of music and pledges to donate Saregama Carvaan to old-age homes on the occasion of Father’s day.


Isolation is a reality that comes with old age, and while old age homes are finding ways to ease alienation and anxiety, Saregama takes a step forward and announces a program where the brand will donate Carvaan to old age homes. Being very well aware of the power of music and how helpful it can be for the non-tech savvy elderly generation to sail through such times, Saregama is inviting people to share the details of the old age home and they will ensure to send a Carvaan there.

Commenting on this gesture, Mr. Vikram Mehra, Managing Director, Saregama India, said, “These are tough times and it’s important to be empathetic and sensitive to the emotional needs as much as health needs of the elderly in the society. We have pledged to donate Carvaan to the old age homes, hoping it will help them cope with their loneliness and boredom through the therapeutic power of music.”

Let’s all embrace the chance of giving back to the society by simply notifying Saregama of the old age homes, and they will ensure the elderly get a companion they can lean on!