Sony refreshed its range of Party speakers with four new models, MHC-V82D, MHC-V72D, MHC-V42D and MHC-V02


MHC-V82D and MHC-V72D boasts of 360-degree surround sound feature which is capable of filling large party spaces, providing a fully encapsulating the party experience. Each speaker is engineered with rear tweeters, angled speakers and a spread sound generator. So everyone can enjoy the same sound experience across the whole dancefloor.

MHC-V82D and MHC-V72D also have a 360-degree party light feature, this means that the whole space is lit with immersive lighting. The MHC-V42D can brighten smaller party spaces with its new wider-angle party lights. In all the three models (V82D, V72D, and V42D) lighting syncs to the beat, creating an incredible ambience at your party.

New Jet Bass Booster fills even large party spaces with impactful long-distance bass
The new Jet Bass Booster available on the V82D, V72D, V42D, and V02. It creates clear, deep, and space-filling bass thanks to a carefully designed tapered speaker duct shape. This means that air velocity is faster, and the bass is projected further with even more impact.

Make every celebration unforgettable with even more fun with the Karaoke feature
With the mic inputs and Karaoke mode, you and your guests can go singing along to your favorite tunes. One can enjoy three modes – Clean for a clear sound, Overdrive for a distorted guitar sound, and Bass for your bass guitar. LIVE SOUND mode has also been introduced to the V82D, V72D and V42D. So you can reconjure the memories of seeing your favorite artists live. This mode creates a wider sound stage thanks to Digital Signal Processing technology, producing three-dimensional sound which puts you in the thick of the music.

Turn the top illuminated LED touch panel into an instrument with Taiko feature
The V82D and V72D let you play your own beat with the Taiko Mode. You can add your own drumming, play along bongo, djembe surdo and the Japanese Taiko drum, just by tapping the top panel in time to the beat. You can also challenge your friends and family to the Taiko game and put your rhythm to the test. With the new ranking function now available, compete and see who can win the highest score.

Be the DJ with Gesture Control
The party speakers come with splash proof top panel with LED touch and motion control. With the new gesture control, including the new vertical style gesture to change the music and mic pitch.

Entertainment at your fingertips with the Fiestable app
You can turn your smartphone into a party light via the Fiestable app to correspond with the lighting on your speaker. There is no limit to the number of smartphones that can connect, so you can recreate an arena atmosphere at your party. The addition of voice control means you can engage your speaker via the Fiestable app. There are plenty of different commands to do everything from controlling the lighting and playback functions, to special features such as DJ effects and karaoke.