STM Wireless PowerBank


Your wireless (or plug in) charging solution on the go. This wireless charger, with 10, 000 mah battery capacity, is compatible with your iphone, samsung, or other qi enabled device. Convenient suction cups provide the ability to attach the power bank to your device for portability. Includes one short micro usb cable for charging power bank and two high output usb-a ports to charge other devices, plus high input usb-c for fast charging of power bank and usb-c devices.

This wireless charger is compatible with your iPhone, Samsung, or other Qi enabled device. The unit also features a standard USB-A port to charge other digital devices with your cable. Convenient suction cups provide the ability to attach the PowerBank to your device for portability.

Recharging your digital gear—from tablet to laptop to wireless phone—has never been so easy, so efficient, and so secure. Our PowerBank boasts convenient suction cups that attach directly to your device, so you can go anywhere and know your wireless charger isn’t going anywhere.

• 10,000 mAh battery capacity
• 1 short micro USB cable for charging PowerBank
• Two high output USB-A ports (to charge other devices)
• weight: .51 lbs /.2334 kg