Mr. Hemang Budhdeo, Co-Founder Director, Stuffcool

Stuffcool Offers Premium but Affordable Variety of Mobile Accessories with Main Focus on Chargers

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In an interaction with Mobility Magazine, Mr. Hemang Budhdeo, Co-Founder Director, Stuffcool, discusses Stuffcool’s special product line, their latest launches, and future plans.

Stuffcool is India’s leading tech accessory brand having a wide range of accessories like Cases (for iPhones, iPad, models of the leading mobile phone handset brands), cables (Apple-approved lightning cables, micro cables, USB C cables, aux cables), chargers (BIS-approved wall chargers and car chargers), enhancements (car mounts/selfie sticks).

Q. Tell us about Stuffcool, its products, and vision?

Stuffcool has created its own niche in the retail channels by designing products specifically for Indian consumers. The distribution reach of Stuffcool products across India is to over 2000 stores. Stuffcool has also been recognised by Google under their ‘made for Google program’ and is one of their select few partners across the globe. Our mission is to develop innovative products with top-notch quality and affordable prices so that any Indian customer can easily afford them. We have innovative accessories like chargers, power banks, cases, car mounts, etc. Presently, chargingline is our main focus area. 

Stuffcool GaN Tech is the future of power adapters. This GaN-based 65W Power Delivery adapter has been developed adhering to all levels of safety compliances as per the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). The Type-C port alone is capable of 65W PD output with PPS support while the USB-A port is compatible with 18W quick charge output providing 50% faster charging to smartphones, iPhones, iPads, laptops, MacBooks, Camera’s, gaming consoles, every device with a type C port!

Stuffcool offers a premium but the affordable variety of accessories for mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. Our strategy is to create a niche in the power charging segment. The focus is on affordability for most of its products, including the latest technology trends. 

Q. Brief us about your WC630 Qi Wireless Charger 

Our WC630 Qi Wireless Charger uses the newest technology where just by placing your handset on the charger, the handset gets charged without plugging the charging cable to the handset! This technology is based on magnetic induction where electrical current generates a magnetic field creating voltage that powers the handset. This is the major reason that many smart phones come with ‘Glass Back’ as glass lets energy pass through the phone so that it can be charged wirelessly.

It has Smart LED indicator that displays different colours for different actions like indicating the presence of foreign object, battery full status, connection to the charger and so on. The LED indicator flashes blue-green in case the device is not placed properly. Wireless charger comes with 1 piece of USB A to Micro USB cable (1 meter) & User Manual and 6 months manufacturer warranty. Although the wireless charger needs a USB charger and USB cable for itself, it was found that once USB charger and cable are connected, just by keeping/placing handset on this wireless charger it gets charged. This is a very exciting feature for the consumers as it helps to avoid the hassle of each time plugging cable into the handset! While the consumer is busy doing other things, their handset keeps charging all the time and they don’t have to keep the phone connected to a charging cable making the batteries of the handset sufficiently charged all day.

Q. How epidemic impacted your sales and what is your future strategy?

The epidemic has negatively impacted us as it did everyone—our offline sales have taken a dip. However, we are striving our best to increase our online sales. 

Stuffcool has recently introduced the first-in-India 100-watt desktop USB charger, Centurion, with almost all fast-charging protocols. The Centurion is equipped with 2 power delivery enabled Type C ports, and 2 universal fast charging Type-A ports that can fast-charge personal devices you own. The Centurion, able to provide 100W of output from a single Type C port, is ideal for the new MacBook pro-16” that requires 96W of power for efficient charging. The Centurion is a one-stop solution to charge multiple personal devices without having to carry multiple chargers.

The BIS-approved Centurion is equipped with an Auto-Detect IC that intelligently allocates power depending on the device’s requirement. It is also equipped with intelligent 6 layers of protection to protect your devices from irregular heating and unwanted damage. The total power output is 100W is divided smartly to each connected device. For instance, the new MacBook Pro 13” M1 series requires 61W of power and once it is connected, there will be almost 40W of power still available for your other devices. The Centurion is also compatible with all fast-charging protocols such as Samsung AFC, Oppo/Vivo VOOC, OnePlus Dash, Huawei Supercharge, Moto Turbocharge, etc. It can also charge the latest Type C laptops or ultrabooks, DSLR cameras, and even the Nintendo Switch gaming console.

Q. What is your take on Make in India?

Make in India’ is a great initiative to make India a global manufacturing hub. It has encouraged multinational as well as national companies to manufacture their products in India. We have started manufacturing many products in India and currently, 40% of our product range is India-made and the rest from overseas. 

Q. Where do you want Stuffcool to be after 5 years?

As I said earlier, we have recently introduced our flagship products – Centurion 100W Desk Top charger and WC630 15W Wireless charger. Innovation in charging is the most important aspect of our approach which we would like to leverage. In the coming times, we will come up with more innovative products in the charging category. Stuffcool would continue to strengthen its position as India’s leading tech accessory brand.

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