Swipe Sets for 360° Marketing Campaign Featuring Priyanka Chopra


Swipe Technologies is all-set to launch a 360° marketing campaign called ‘LIVE YOUR FAITH’ featuring the Bollywood’s Priyanka Chopra. Swipe’s The campaign kicks off with Priyanka Chopra presenting ‘Live Your Faith’ as her personal philosophy. With distinct audio and striking visuals, the campaign looks forward to a meaningful viewer engagement by sending out a message that instils a positive outlook towards life.

The campaign encompasses multiple forms and will have a presence on all mediums – traditional as well as non-traditional. The company has earmarked a budget of $3 million for the marketing blitzkrieg that has been launched in Mumbai through outdoor advertising and print advertisements in leading dailies. Swipe is now all set to roll the campaign across the country. The plan is to achieve maximum visibility for the brand through an optimal mix of media channels including the print, outdoor, social, digital (online + social media marketing) and electronic media. With innovation and fresh ideas as part of their DNA, Swipe is on its way to becoming the next big cult brand in the technology space.

On the roll-out of the campaign, Shripal Gandhi, Founder & CEO of Swipe Technologies said: “Our intent is to become India’s First Social Brand as we believe in combining the potential of human race with technology, making it human-tech. “Live your faith” is in a way a reflection of this mindset. We redesigned the website, introduced a new packaging language and created internal and external communication campaign. Faith is a common attribute, be it a new product development, entering new segments, forging partnerships or exploring new markets.  It has a very strong consumer connect “

Another attribute that connects the brand Swipe with Priyanka is her never-say-die attitude and her optimistic outlook in every endeavour of her journey. According to Gandhi, both – Priyanka Chopra’s journey and the metamorphosis / evolution of the brand Swipe – demonstrate how living one’s faith is the surest way to fulfilling one’s dreams.

Priyanka Chopra said, “I am excited to be a part of the “LiveYourFaith” campaign.   To me Swipe is a dynamic, young brand that also lives this mantra, channelling that faith and belief into breaking new boundaries every day.  It’s also something that I believe will resonate with young India; supporting them with technology that will assist them as they chase their dreams.  It’s a very real and synergistic association overall.”