Swipe Ultimate Tablet Review


By Jayanta Ghosh

We recently reviewd four products that make working on the move as hassle-free as possible and are also easy for your pocket.

You no longer need to be tied to your computer to type out a text document or build a slideshow. Thease days there are many apps  available that helps you edit files straight from your phone or tablet. This year, both Microsoft and Google completely overhauled their mobile apps for Office and Drive, while Apple updated its iWork suite too, making small improvements here and there.

These days, manufacturers are inventing new ways to outsell each other, including aggressive price cutting. Now we’re seeing many ultraportable products that run powerful-enough processors to take around the house or at work or school.

Budget products now make fewer compromises compared with budget laptops in the past. Intel’s Atom and Celeron processors have evolved to the point that they can support most of your web-browsing and basic productivity needs without being overly slow. This time I’m looking into few recently launched devices that help you become more productive on the road.

Swipe Ultimate Tablet
Swipe Technologies, recetly launched the Ultimate Tab 3G, India’s first tabtop with built-in 3G. Touted to be India’s lightest tabtop, the device has a removable pogo pin keyboard, to allow it to function as a stand alone tablet, or laptop.

The tablet has an Intel Z3735F processor, clocked at 1.86GHz, with 646MHz Intel HD Graphics and 2GB RAM, and comes preloaded with WIndows 8.1. The Ultimate Tab 3G is powered by a 7000mAh battery and is equipped with a 5 MP rear camera and a 2 MP front camera, as well as 32GB of internal memory and USB 3.0. A 10.1 inch screen at 800p brings the entire weight of the device to 592 grams.

This Tablet is a great build quality and perfomance for the price range.We used it extensively for long duration with heavy multi-tasking.The device did responded well. Good battery life makes it an ideal product to use for your long road trips. . 3G modem is integrated. USB 3.0 is a fantastic addition and we’re happy with the amount and variety of connectivity options available. Few things you need to know that as this is a tabtop you need a flat surface to make it work with its keybord.

Pros: Portable, Stogare, Battery life, Price
Cons: Sticky trackpad , camera is average
Price: Rs. 17,499
5 MP Primary Camera
1.83 GHz Quad Core Processor
Windows 8.1 OS
Wi-Fi Enabled
2 MP Secondary Camera
10.1-inch Touchscreen

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