Syska Launches Wireless Charging WPB1002 Power Bank


Syska Accessories has announced the launch of the latest WPB1002 Power Bank. This Made in India 10,000 mAh power bank gives complete confidence and freedom to today’s consumers who never want to miss being on-the-go by rendering true wireless and fast charging support to their multiple devices.

The ongoing pandemic has created a spike in demand for smartphones across the globe, accelerating the growth of the power bank market too. Syska WPB1002 Power Bank is equipped with a 2-way type-C input and output cable for charging purposes. Thus, it can be used as per one’s convenience. Syska has developed this product with the most advanced technology offering a unified wireless charging experience.

The fast wireless charging and Travel Friendly- Syska WPB1002 provides an 18W fast and uninterrupted charging capacity with power delivery. The sleek design of Syska WPB1002 also makes it the perfect travel buddy. It offers a seamless channel to avoid interruptions while charging your device even while traveling. It also charges four devices during a single use and it is comfortable to use without any complexities.

The Syska WPB1002 power bank is fitted with 11 layers of protection to ward off any representation of leak, overheating, or overcharging for a safe and hazard-free experience. The device’s smart circuit is programmed to allow the current to flow through a single, seamless channel which gives you an uninterrupted charging experience. Syska WPB1002 power bank is multifunctional, pocket fit sleek, and is available at leading retail outlets for Rs. 2899. The power bank comes in two colors: blue and black.