Syska Unveils SmartLight 7W LED Bulb compatible with Amazon Alexa


Taking one step closer to smart homes as Syska reveals a new dimension to lighting

National, June 06, 2018: Syska, a pioneer in providing international quality lighting solutions has launched Syska Smart Light 7W LED bulb.

 The intelligent bulb

Syska has come up with a fully functional lighting system with WiFi module which is compatible with Amazon Alexa and can be controlled by your voice. Running on AI/ IoT platform by Tuya Smart, Syska Smart bulb can easily respond to voice command given by users once synced with Echo Dot, Echo, or Echo Plus.

Along with WiFi modules, Syska Smart bulb to works with a variety of networking modes like Bluetooth, Bluetooth Mesh and more. It also allows consumers to control the lighting of their home from anywhere in the world within seconds through a mobile app called the “Syska Smart Home”.

Smart lighting system

Syska smart bulb has enabled the users to control lights of their house without lifting a single finger. It also allows the user to trigger multiple actions with a single command according to the setup of their house. For instance, the users can switch on Syska smart lights before getting out of bed, dim the lights from the couch to watch a movie and set the lights for reading. It also comes with a more drastic fun feature such as changing colors, patterns, hues, and brightness for instant mood change to light up any occasion. It offers 3 million different shades and various tones to make any occasion brighter.

Syska Smart bulb also plays an important role in saving power as it optimizes output and saves 70% energy with no compromise in performance. It also is much more durable than most bulbs in the market with a lifespan of up to 25,000 hours.

 The next gen lighting system

Voice command was one of the most revolutionizing inventions in the field of AI/IoT. And now, we are racing towards a whole new era of intelligent products which can be controlled simply by using voice from anywhere with internet access. With Syska Smart bulb, Syska has revolutionized the lighting system and introduced a new, fun and easy way of controlling the lights.

With Syska Smart bulb, you can control the lighting in your house from anywhere in the world in the most convenient way possible. With this easy accessibility and convenience, in today’s world ‘SMART’ is not only a luxury but a necessity. There has been a drastic increase in demand for smart products and Syska has been leading the next gen lighting industry with advanced IoT/ AI technology.