Bhupesh Raseen

In the last few years smartphones have changed the face of society, but now the smartphone market is down. Consumers are waiting for longer to replace their phones because of high cost & economic uncertainty. On the other hand, Mobile makers are facing losses and shutting shops due to unfavourableRead More →

Huawei’s Optical Transport Network (OTN) fronthaul solution has passed the initial phase of China Telecom’s 5G fronthaul transport lab test in what is the world’s first transmission test for 25G eCPRI interfaces. The test presents an industry breakthrough as Huawei’s OTN fronthaul solution delivered transmission latency of less than 1 μs andRead More →

Vodafone has achieved the first 5G data connection in Italy. The 5G trials were conducted by Vodafone in partnership with Huawei, which made available a radio base station using Massive MIMO technology. It’s part of trials in Milan promoted by the Ministry for Economic Development. Vodafone, which was selected toRead More →