The 6th Mobility Conclave and Excellence Awards Night 2019 all Set to Roll !!


We are glad to inform you that our long-awaited 6th Mobility Conclave and Excellence Awards Night 2019 is all set to roll on Dec 13, 2019 in at Hotel Surya in New Delhi. This is in continuation of our tradition to conduct this event as a recognition platform every year with the cooperation and support of our partners. This year we got a record number of product nominations and have been getting great response from the online voters. The Conclave part includes two engaging Panel Discussions where industry experts will express their opinions on the ‘Latest Mobile Handset Technologies, Ecosystem’ and ‘The Role of Mobile Associations.’ The Conclave part will end with the distribution of awards for the performers (brands and products) in the handsets segment.

The evening session will include company presentations (on mobile accessories) one Panel Discussion on ‘Market & Technology Trends, Opportunities and Challenges in the Mobile Accessories Segment.’ This will be followed by the distribution of awards for the performers in the mobile accessories segment. The award categories for the best performing brands and products include Mobility Excellence Awards, Editor Choice Awards, Special Awards, Accessories Awards, etc for handsets and accessories.

For us, the Mobility Awards Night is more like an annual family get-together than simply an award giving ceremony. The purpose of organizing this event is that it will act as platform of recognition where the top performers are recognized for their achievements in the year 2018. We want this event to be a motivator for the performers to perform even better in the coming years. Next, this event is also platform for the partners, vendors, industry experts, etc meet under one roof interact, exchange their feeling and learn about the latest market and technology trends. Last but not the least, for us, this is an occasion meet all our friends and partners at an pace and occasion where celebration and professionalism come together.

The events will attract a congregation of about 400 guests, including Vendors, Corporate Executives, Distributors, Retailers and Re-sellers from India and overseas, cutting across the verticals of Mobile Handsets and Accessories segments, under-one-roof. The awardees, including individuals, brands, products, organizations, are selected on the basis of Online Voting and Selection by a Panel Judges.

The Significance of Mobility Awards Night:

Today, India is the 2nd largest smartphone market after China with USA pushed to the third position. Today, improving connectivity, decreasing prices of handsets & accessories, dropping operational costs, and the increasing number of features and functionalities, all are driving this mobile revolution. Today mobiles phones are replacing PCs and laptops for several activities.

Prime Minister’s Make in India and Digital India initiatives are bringing about revolutionary transformations in the Indian mobility industry. Today, India, becoming the 2nd largest mobile phones market, is also evolving into a huge manufacturing base driven by Make in India drive. It might take a few more years before India really becomes a big manufacturing base, but the process has already begun.

With the increasing purchases via mobiles, e-tailing is shifting towards m-tailing. A considerable portion of the Indian population has already shifted from the use of feature phones to smart phones. The increasing use of smart phones is also spurring demand for accessories as never before, making the accessories markets a huge segment of opportunity.

Today, even in rural areas, where basic amenities find it hard to pave in, mobile phones are pervading fast. Of the nearly 250 million Internet connections in India, over 50% million are mobile Internet users. Undoubtedly, mobile phone has become the easiest way to connect with all kinds of audience, belonging to different age-groups, demographic areas, cultural backgrounds, etc and 4G is accelerating the process. The 5G that will launch in 2020 will be another big step forward in the mobile industry.

India, being on the initial stages of this mobile revolution, gives partners a huge window of opportunity where they can take their businesses to new heights and levels. Mobility magazine focuses on redefining the mobile phones and accessories industry and channel business providing a ready platform to the channel partners to promote their products and services. Mobility has a strong presence in the mobile gadgets and accessories industry with a mission to connect the corporate to the channel and to the end users of the products and services.

The Award Categories

MOBILITY Excellence Awards: For this category, the best product in each category is selected on the basis of online voting. We received ample number of products from different categories for this award. After closing the nominations, partners from the channel community, including vendors and distributors, vote for their choice. The product which gets the highest number of votes will be declared as the most innovative product. For the fair and authentic judgment, we take the best precautionary measures to prevent fake votes. And, for the recent poll we received maximum online votes, which were beyond the expectation of our web team.

Special Awards: For this awardees are selected by a jury of experts on the design, functionality, performance and impact of the products.

Editor Choice Awards: For this category, the awardees are selected by our team of editors, who weigh and rate the products on the basis of their design, durability, functionality, etc.

The Mobility Excellence Awards [Handsets]

This year we have decided to give awards for handsets and accessories separately as accessories has evolved into a major market segment with its own dynamics and opportunities. The Mobility Excellence Awards [Handsets] will be given away at the end of the Conclave in the evening.

The Mobility Accessories Awards

The global mobile accessories market is set to run into billions of dollars annually. With handset market getting saturated already cluttered with several top competing brands, now providers are entering the mobile accessories market. In spite of a big grey market in the accessories segment, providers see a major opportunity for white players in the accessories market.

These awards will be distributed in the night. Many big players including those like ADATA and Toshiba are now foraying into mobile accessories segment seeing the opportunity, besides challenges. This segment is expected to become hot segment in the coming years.