O-Line-O Nexus Pvt Ltd Ventures Into Southern Region & Adds On Nasik Stores

This Festive Season, O-Line-O Nexus Pvt Ltd Ventures Into Southern Region & Adds On Nasik Stores

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During the festive season, in order to offer the best to customers, O-LINE-O Nexus Pvt Ltd plans to add 7 stores in Nasik and 30 in Bangalore respectively. The Mumbai-based O-LINE-O Nexus Pvt Ltd already has 9 stores in Nasik but is planning to add 7 stores during the festive season. 

The company is foraying in the Southern India, Bangalore by adding 30 stores in the city to offer the best of products and shopping experience this festive season. Dussehra is a very important festival in Bangalore hence the company has extended its presence in the market. 

The stores are in different areas in Bangalore and cover the entire city. It is a unique form of a store where the customers can enjoy cash back offers, gifts etc and there is a loyalty programme. 

Mr. Vibhooti Prasad, Director, O-LINE-O

Speaking on the offers Mr. Vibhooti Prasad, Director, O-LINE-O, shares, “We already have about 9 stores in Nasik but keeping in mind the fact that the festive season is nearby, people would like to shop. So, we have planned to open up stores so that the customers can enjoy. Dussehra is a vital festival in Bangalore so we thought of covering the entire city with our 30 stores so that the customers can enjoy cash back, offers, loyalty program etc.  “ 

O-Line-O is driven by the unique concept that helps the consumers to purchase products from the offline stores with or without physically visiting the stores. If the customer wants to purchase a product, O-Line-O will direct the nearest retail store or a store the customer wants to deliver him the product. 

Mr Prasad says, “The company has been launched to help the traditional retail stores to revive, survive and grow in the midst of competition from the big online retailers like Amazon, Flipkart, Alibaba, etc. Our target is to bring , buy the joy of bringing and selling mobile phones back to retail. “  

O-LINE-O merges the online shopping experience with an extended offline service; brings the retail at your doorstep with the services curated particularly for the customers along with the friendly neighbourhood expert to help them.

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