Mr. Neeraj Goel, Co-Founder & MD at Touchtek

Touchtek, as a brand, Believes in Delivering Top Quality Mobile Accessories at Affordable Prices

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Mr. Neeraj Goel, Co-Founder & MD at Touchtek, speaks to Mobility Magazine about their company’s bet on mobile accessories, the market dynamics, implications of Make in India, and their plans for the future. Touchtek is a prominent provider of a wide range of mobile accessories including earphones, Bluetooth neckbands, power banks, speakers, travel chargers, batteries, and premium cables. Touchtek has come a long way in addressing the market dynamics and the evolving customer’s needs. 

Q. Please brief us about Touchtek’s product portfolio?

Touchtek’s product portfolio includes ten categories: earphones, chargers, speakers, cables, power banks, battery, LCD screen, Tempered glass, covers, and Bluetooth neckbands. These are all-encompassing smart solutions engineered to offer a seamless lifestyle for our consumers. As a first step, we at Touchtek keep innovation a continuous process. Despite the strong competition in the market, our products are making a mark in securing consumers’ mindshare as they experience the stunning quality and features of our products.

Q. What are the differentiating factors of your products?

Quality is the Touchtek’s major differentiator. Touchtek product features, specifications, and service make it a winning brand. Our strengths in terms of best components, top quality,   customer-friendly designs, along with the best after-sales service are helping us to secure customer loyalty and be one of the most trusted brands in the Indian market.

Q. What are your strategies with respect to partners?

We take care of our distributors and retailers by meeting all their expectations and extending our full cooperation. We at Touchtek offer our channel partners gifts on every order. Our partners rarely get unpleasant customer feedback on our products. We at Touchtek believe that the partners are our brand ambassadors who play a vital role in penetrating the market and enhancing the existing customer relationships. 

Q. Mobility-Which is the key focus area?

Our current focus for growth is clearly on – new product extensions, increased penetration in the existing markets, and setting new channels of distribution. We will launch many new products like neckbands soon. We are also planning to bring more products that offer the best of experience to the users, matching the latest market trends, at affordable prices.

Q. What is your target audience?

As we already have a good reach in T1 cities, our current target is the customers in the T2 & T3 cities. With changing lifestyles, rural markets are also growing at a higher pace. Hence, we plan our distribution and support network in such a manner that we can reach both the urban and rural markets with the same zeal.

Q. What is your take on Make in India?

We manufacture over 70% of our products and components in India which include chargers, batteries, speakers, cables, tempered glasses, covers, and some components. In the future, we want to increase this share.

Q. What are your plans for the next 5 years?

As I mentioned, we plan to increase the number of partners by expanding our footprint in T2 and T3 cities in India and we aim to increase our brand visibility and ensure the high availability of Touchtek’s wide range of products across India. We would also work on expanding our retail reach across the nation. Last but not least, with the tech industry flourishing in India there are ample opportunities available for growth, hence it’s the right time for the partners to associate with Touchtek to take advantage. We aim to become the most trusted and popular brand in the Indian mobile accessories industry. Touchtek, as a brand, believes in maintaining excellent quality, competitive prices, on-time delivery, and aggressive technical support and we are dedicated to deliver the market with complete and satisfactory solutions.

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