UBON Celebrates 15 Years of Grand Success in the Indian Mobile Accessories Industry

Incepted in 2004, headquartered in Delhi, UBON is a prominent Gadget, Accessory & Consumer Electronics brand that addresses the need of ‘Connected Consumers’ and ‘People on the go’. UBON recently celebrated its 15th Anniversary in grand manner. In an interaction with Mobility magazine, Mandeep Arora, Co-founder, UBON, shares their company’s philosophy, values, policies, mission and vision.

Mandeep Arora comments, “We are excited to celebrate our 15th year of grand success and satisfaction. The last 15 years of eventful journey has given us the right experience and deeper knowledge needed to manufacture value for money, innovative products to gain the cutting edge in the mobile accessories industry. Our brand name UBON is a blend of words U and BON that stand for ‘You’re Born to be Happy.”

Driven by advanced R&D and right use of technology UBON offers a wide range of mobile accessories including Bluetooth speakers, headphones, chargers, cables, car accessories, care products, surge protectors & more. Today UBON has over 125 mobile accessories and models.

“At UBON, we aim to reach every household in the nation. We are one of the few brands in the country that are available pan-India through both offline & online channels. We are getting huge demand from both Tier 1 & Tier 2 cites of the country, in addition to metros. Having done intensive market research in the India market, we understood that there is a scarcity of right mix in audio products and features. This motivated us to launch and build a value-for-money brand that could satiate the ever-growing tech appetite of the users. One thing we learnt through experience is that people prefer to try and physically feel the product prior to taking a buying decision. This drove us to indulge in constant R&D to develop value-for-money products that are eye catchy and premium as well,” adds Mandeep Arora.

UBON strives to provide quality gadgets and mobile accessories to the consumers in every sector, vertical and society. UBON aims to bring stylish & fashionable accessories equipped with latest technology to Indian users. Driven by unlimited passion for technology, content and services, and relentless pursuit of innovation, UBON brings new excitement and entertainment in ways that only UBON can. UBON makes continuous efforts to complement and enhance users’ modern-day lifestyles with innovative high-tech gadgets.

Talking about their approach to R&D and technology, Mandeep Arora comments, “UBON believes in no-compromise policy regarding quality, reliability and technology. We use the latest Japanese technology along with technologies from different countries to provide the highest quality products. Apart from this, we are working on ‘minimum profit policy’ so that we can take affordable products to the consumer and offer him the best satisfaction, rather than focusing on revenue generation. We have rigorous quality checking measures at our factory and corporate office. All our products go through extensive quality checking on various standards and parameters. We at UBON believe only stringent quality check & quality assurance can ensure that perfect products reach the consumer. UBON aims to remain at the forefront of innovation and UBON is the first company in India to launch solar power banks, wireless power banks & wireless charging pads.”

The vision of UBON is to become the Numero Uno brand in the Indian market by being unique and through continuous improvement driven by creativity, professionalism and innovation aided by the users, engineers and technocrats. UBON continuously strives to take the evolution of mobile accessories to higher levels.

To be successful in the market, besides employing the right technology, price and features, it is also necessary to promote the brand in innovative ways that appeal to the target customers.

With regard to brand promotion and appeal, Mandeep Arora shares, “Mr. Tiger Shroff was the first choice when we considered the idea of having a brand ambassador. Mr Shroff is known for his rebel style which appeals to the today’s youth, plus he is an amazing dancer making him the most appropriate choice for a musical brand like UBON. The youth today looks up to him for his passion towards music & fitness and focusing on the rebel traits, youthfulness and passion for music and our punchline – ‘Born to be Free’ – appeals to the youth. We aim to provide complete freedom to our customers, starting from cables, wireless headphones, earphones and wireless chargers to wireless power banks.”

“We aim to be the best consumer electronics and accessories company in India in every aspect. During my initial days, I realized that the mobile accessory industry is quite unorganized and quality products were priced very high and beyond the budget range of most of the people. Stiff competition and slowing electronics market too added to the stagnation in the industry. However, considering the huge market size of mobile accessories in India, I saw a bid opportunity. For products with right technology, style and features, there is enormous scope. Our aim is to provide the value-for-money best-in-class technology to the people of the nation,” opines Mandeep Arora.

The Indian economy is set to become USD 5 trillion by 2025 and 10 trillion by 2035, making India the third largest economy in the world, only behind China and US. This is expected to open enormous opportunities for the providers and innovators.

Talking about the future opportunities and how UBON plans to exploit the opportunities, Mr Mandeep Arora elaborates, “We see a lot of business potential in coming years for those who provide right mix of technology, features and price. I believe Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning are going to be next big things in the industry. We are planning to widen our portfolio in the speaker & headphone category by developing voice & Internet enabled speakers and headphones. Our team at UBON audio labs is constantly working & researching the ways to provide the best experience to our consumers.”

Talking about the inspiration behind their success and their future plans, Mandeep Arora elaborates, “I had been blessed and fortunate that I did not have to look around to gain motivation and seek guidance. My respected father, Mr Om Prakash Arora, has cultivated the right values and ethics in us. We dedicate all our success and fame to his guidance & mentorship. Although, he does not involve in the day to day activities of UBON, he is still a guiding figure and a leader whom we can look up to for inspiration. Next, our hard work & dedication made us one of the few brands which could survive and grow and stay in the market successfully for over a decade in the industry. I express my deepest gratitude to everyone who is & was part of this amazing journey. We would work harder to raise the benchmark higher for us and also for the mobile accessories industry. In my opinion, Indian market is so huge that we still haven’t tapped even 1% of the market. There is a lot to be done and we strive to do that. We are presently expanding our Indian consumer base and enhancing our consumer experience. We are planning to increase output in our Indian factory, to match the growing demand from the customers. We want to leave our mark of UBON on the world map as a leading provider of cutting edge mobile accessories, and we will work hard to achieve that. We are aiming 40% share in the mobile phone accessories industry in India.”


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