U&i Unveils 0.4 mm, 4D Curved Tempered Glass (Taiwan Technology) (2)

U&i Unveils 0.4 mm, 4D Curved Tempered Glass (Taiwan Technology)

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U&i, one of the leading Gadget accessory brands in India, has launched its 0.4mm 4D curved tempered glass for the first time in India. 0.4 mm is a Taiwan technology and the brand is the first brand to launch the product in India. The main aim of the brand is to provide the latest technological breakthroughs to Indian customers. The presence of tempered glass protector enables an outstanding window display. The brand has always offered a range of latest products and own exclusive flagship. This time it has come up with 0.4 mm, which is unique, one of its own kind unlike the other brands which have 0.3mm. This glass is 100% flexible and avoids fingerprints on the screen.

0.4mm is a Taiwan technology and U&i is the only company in India to bring this technology to India for its customers. The brand has extensively researched on the market and the technology, almost 6 months before the launch of the technology. It covers the mobile from edge to edge which gives a nice grip to the mobile. The U&i team found out through our extensive research that Indians need good products and they are ready to pay price for products. However unfortunately, no brand is able to bring the latest technology due to various reasons.

Paresh Vij, Founder, and Director, U&i
Mr Paresh Vij, Founder and Director of U&I

Commenting on this launch, Mr Paresh Vij, Founder and Director of U&I, said, “Before launching the product, our team had done extensive R & D almost 6 months on the packaging and strength of the product. We have launched this 0.4 mm tempered glass which is unique, one of its own kind as it is Taiwan technology. We all are aware that Taiwan is the leader in consumer products in the world.  This is the first time that we have got this technology in Indian market in the history of India. We have our own factory in China and India where we have done packaging.”

The benefits of this 0.4 mm technology are extensive flexibility and edge to edge cover to the mobile. Hence the quality of picture of the selfie camera is superb. Moreover, it can be used almost 50 times on the surface. Talking on the uniqueness of 0.4 mm tempered glass, Mr Vij says, “Tempered glass provides edge to edge so that it attaches perfectly with the natural curve of your phone’s display. It is high sensitivity and comfortable touch feeling and high quality of selfie.”

The U&i team has seasoned and talented professionals with decades of experience in lifestyle products, designing, and ecommerce technologies. Our dedication to customer satisfaction and ability to provide the best deals drive our operations.

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