Vodafone India Welcomes Government’s Decision to Enable e-KYC using AADHAR


Vodafone India has welcomed the Government’s decision to enable e-KYC using AADHAR. The e-KYC solution is an instant, secure and green mobile subscriber verification project, where a customer’s AADHAR card and fingerprints are adequate for both validating and activating new prepaid and postpaid connections. Customers will soon be able to walk in with their AADHAR card in any of the Vodafone Stores and walk out connected within minutes. Vodafone had partnered with the Department of Telecom (DoT) to pilot the AADHAR based e-KYC solutions in and test it successfully in two circles.

Thanking the DoT, Sunil Sood, MD & CEO, Vodafone India, said, “This is an important step forward in the progress towards a Digital India. The advantage of the e-KYC solution is manifold with all stakeholders – customers, operators and regulator benefitting from it. For the consumer instant activation means a better experience and security of his personal confidential information. For Vodafone it will improve quality of sales as well as regulatory compliance. For the regulator it not only means a green initiative but also hassle free governance and accurate audit results.”