VXL Software Fusion UEM is turning out to be great tool for Mobility and efficiency working lifestyles : Mr. Aditya Bhuwania, VP, VXL Software,


    VXL software is a 7 year Advanced Technological Indian MNC who has created their presence not only in India but also across the globe. They believe that they can enhance one’s working lifestyle with their innovations, technology and advanced gadgets as well as their software. Due to the non-ending pandemic and unprofessional working environment, VXL software has come up with the next gen tool, a part of their cloud computing projects i.e. Fusion UEM SecureDesktop. This is a very effective and productive tool during and posts the pandemic.

    Fusion SecureDesktop is an add-on module that works with Fusion UEM and can be hosted on cloud, highly featured enterprise management software that allows IT staff to manage and monitor endpoints powered by Windows, Android and iOS operating systems. Fusion
    SecureDesktop is very easy to install, just like any Windows application and is equally easy a set up to connect, activate and configure with Fusion UEM. This enables the organizations to work in a very effective and efficient manner. It might keep the working more secured and motivated especially for the people working from home.

    Cloud energy is turning out to be a great tool in this current crisis as it has made working from anywhere less expensive and most importantly cloud computing is more secured and comfortable for companies to manage and make an adjustment towards their computing needs.

    Cloud-dependent businesses are likely to take measures to cut costs. This might look like a loss to the cloud computing sector, but it is actually not. While customer-facing applications fluctuate (scale up and down) with demand and projects are put on hold, other cloud applications, which are more towards the business’ basic operations side, do not change much. The coronavirus pandemic has pressured nearly every corner of the global economy, but analysts continue to see sunny days ahead for cloud computing and the ecosystem that surrounds the technology.

    VXL Cloud Desktop is quite remote and can be utilized by anyone regardless its location. It not only makes one’s working secured but, creates a professional and eco-friendly environment even while working from home. It simply motivates employees to work effectively and fearlessly.

    Fusion SecureDesktop is mainly considered for its security reasons by corporates, MNC’s, Start- ups etc. It’s cost effective and with better ROI towards the company’s utilizing the same. Cloud Computing is a prominent concept to be utilized by Indian SME’s, startup’s and other emerging business. It plays a vital role not only in securing the data but also creates an eco-friendly environment while working regardless the locations.

    The protection of data storage on the cloud, from content leakage, theft or deletion is cloud
    security. Fusion SecureDesktop creates a solution or locates remote servers as well as web-
    based technology to manage data and multiple applications. Therefore it has to be secured from cyber attacks that can shut down a service, or hamper the critical documents.

    As this Lockdown has prove many sectors and individuals too that they can work from home or remotely even after this lockdown such as Freelancers, Start-ups, emerging and service Businesses. The rapid and unexpected shift to homeworking has been a challenge for many organizations. Although employees can work from home, often it’s by using unmanaged home computers – creating all kinds of security issues.
    The question is whether to buy a new computer for home/remote working or let us use our
    personal ones as is- the former is expensive, while the latter is unpredictable. But, due to cloud computing one can work efficiently and in a secured manner regardless to one’s location of work. Fusion SecureDesktop can play a very important role in one’s working lifestyle due to the cloud technology that many companies and individuals are adapting. Cloud Computing can also be used in the sectors like Retail, Commerce, Healthcare, Public Companies etc.

    Mr. Aditya Bhuwania, VP, VXL Software, says that, “Simplicity is key. Our Fusion
    SecureDesktop Windows solution runs as an application, while our CloudDesktop On the Go
    Linux solution boots from a USB drive. In either of the cases, the host device is totally
    untouched – and for the duration of the session, people work as they would normally via a
    secure, managed connection. When they quit, they are returned to their home PC. There’s no data crossover.”

    VXL Software is been working and planning for the betterment of corporate employees not only in India but, across the globe. It’s a great pleasure to come up with the technologies that enhance human’s working lifestyle even though the odds aren’t into favor.
    It’s believed that Cloud energy will be one of the most important growth factor in the country’s infrastructure and economical development and in a decade it will turn to be around $1-3 billion market.

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