We believe that the quality of audio reproduction should never tire the listener: Bang & Olufsen


India is beyond doubt one of the fastest growing emerging markets for luxury goods, poised to grow at USD 35 billion by 2016.
Improved retail network and economic changes in the country have given our industry a significant boost for growth and expansion. With increasing disposable income, people are spending more on premium and aspirational products resulting in a massive paradigm shift in the consumer base. We now have a larger number of premium-luxury trialists than ever before. Moreover, India is a market with an incredibly strong luxury tradition. Luxury consumers prioritize a strong quality story and value the history and heritage of a brand such as Bang & Olufsen, which this year is celebrating its 90th anniversary.

beolab27-7-15Consumer Response for Bang & Olufsen
Technology aficionados worldwide who seek a particular quality of unique design and supreme audio precision in their choices naturally gravitate to Bang & Olufsen. It is our pleasure to guide the Indian consumer market through our range of products and help them find the right product to begin or continue their relationship with Bang & Olufsen.

We launched our store in February 2015 at DLF Emporio in New Delhi and have since observed a healthy demand for both our segments–B&O Play (targeting the younger audience) and Bang & Olufsen (for the connoisseurs of sound and technology). BeoVision Avant and the Beolab series are favorites amongst our clients looking for customized AV home solutions that can integrate with their lifestyle seamlessly.

Whereas in the BeoPlay segment, our music player A2 has emerged as a global best seller, its powerful performance, battery life and attractive design have clicked well with consumers in India too.

We are delighted to note the positive domestic response to Bang & Olufsen product line-up and are focused on expanding our retail network to reach out to the growing demand.

beolabdna27-7-15Bang & Olufsen’s: Design DNA
Bang & Olufsen’s products are not only high on technology but are high on design value too. Each product combines technological excellence with emotional appeal in a sensational design language

BeoLab 20


Resting atop an aluminium base that is concealed from most perspectives, BeoLab 20 appears to hover above the floor. The conical cabinet contains impressive interior volumes especially toward its bottom, but the triangular front diminishes the perception of size by balancing the speaker on a point just above the floor. The back of the speaker, a black aluminium cooling grill, completes the slimming effect. If wired, cabling can be completely concealed. The distinctive Acoustic Lens in high-gloss aluminium at the top of the speaker also integrates a subtle green or red light to indicate the speaker’s power status.

beolab18_22-7-15Visual Identity:  BeoLab 17 shapes anodized aluminium into a softly curved triangular cabinet whose three main sides all vary slightly in size. The elegantly asymmetric form is provides a volume of 2.8 litres and enables many placement options – even right where the wall meets the ceiling. Coloured fabric fronts add the geometry of the circle to that of the triangle, giving BeoLab 17 a look that is both organically simple and graphically appealing.

Beolab 18 Craftsmanship: Masterful metalworking makes BeoLab 18 possible. The speaker cabinet and conical foot are crafted from anodized aluminium, which is then polished to a glossy finish. The joint between these two pieces is practically imperceptible due to the extreme precision in turning the foot; miniscule tolerances result in a uniform surface that is smooth to the eye as well as the hand.

M & A
In a bid to fulfill our ambition to reach out to consumers who crave uncompromising sound excellence, Bang & Olufsen collaborated with HP in March 2015. We announced an arrangement that brings our sound technology to HP’s PCs, tablets and accessories. We will custom tune each notebook, desktop, tablet and accessory for precise sound. In all HP devices that carry the Bang & Olufsen or B&O PLAY brand, a dedicated audio island isolates the sensitive audio circuits from other signals on the motherboard. The headphone jack limits the amount of metal parts to reduce ground noise to help further perfect the audio experience on HP devices.

Furthermore, we are in association with Automobile brands Audi, BMW, Aston Martin and Mercedes–AMG. We believe that the quality of audio reproduction should never tire the listener. Our focus here is to build speakers that are not only led by technology, but use it to bring the listener and the sound closer together. Earlier this year, we unveiled the Bang & Olufsen 3D advanced sound system in the  Audi Q7, followed by the BMW 6 series and the Audi R8 to name a few.

“We operate in an industry where change and innovation are preconditions for survival. Over the past 90 year, the company has demonstrated its flair for innovation and despite rapidly changing technological and consumer trends, our vitality and innovative skills are as strong as ever.”

Gaganmeet Singh, Managing Director, BeoWorld

Home Integration solutions

Our latest offering in the integrated home solutions offers users a seamless union of systems to create an intelligent home. With BeoLink Gateway and Real-Time Configuration programming platform, Bang & Olufsen brings decades of experience in user-centric design and all-new software to custom installers and home automation systems. Now, discerning homeowners who want to integrate automated systems into their lifestyle can control dozens of disparate devices – all from the convenience of one Bang & Olufsen remote or app.

While other home automation software systems may allow some of the same automations, none is as simple to use as Real-Time Configuration. Hundreds of drivers for all leading home automation systems and devices are pre-installed. The platform has effectively removed coding from the workflow for most installations, and relies instead on resource-oriented programming that makes adding a device to home automation as easy as clicking on an icon. With the unique new Flick-and-Capture feature, installers can even turn on the lamp (or curtains, coffee machine, etc.) they want to integrate in a macro or scene, and program it into the automation sequence live – with no waiting or coding – while a colleague is working on programming another room or zone.

For homeowners, this means home automation is something they don’t need to worry about. Listening and viewing experiences in Bang & Olufsen quality are integrated with the rest of their home’s automation, and everything they need to know is designed into one remote or app.

Beosound Moment
beosound27-7-15Earlier this year, we launched BeoSound Moment an intelligent and intuitive wireless music system that integrates your music collection and services into one. Experience the world’s first touch-sensitive wood interface and enjoy your new single point of entry to the world of music.

The top of the new BeoSound Moment is a detachable and double-sided interface that allows for two different listening experiences. One side is an elegant aluminium interface with a delicate touch screen for engaging interaction. This is where music lovers can browse the endless online music catalogue, their favorite playlists and share their music collection. The wooden side is designed for one-touch access to exactly the sound experience that fits your daily rhythm. The beautiful panel of touch-sensitive oak allows you to have your favorite music flowing from your speakers with just one touch on the wooden wheel. BeoSound Moment introduces a new, intelligent feature that adapts your listening patterns and suggests music or radio programs that fit with the relevant day of the week and the time of day.

The advanced PatternPlay feature automatically memorizes your musical preferences and makes your listening experience both familiar and explorative. Over time, BeoSound Moment will gradually start to know your taste in music, and be able to play what you most likely want to hear, without you even having to ask. A single touch on the multi-colored MoodWheel activates an automatically generated playlist defined by your finger’s position on the wheel. The closer to the centre of the wheel, the more familiar the music. In the very middle of the MoodWheel, the music will be picked from your lists of favorites only, whereas the outer parameter of the circle tempts the listener with musical adventures of associated music from the vast online catalogue of songs.

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