"We haven’t faced any issues or complaints of even the most minor nature"


Sachin Thapar, Country Head, InFocus Mobiles

infocus(M350)22-8-15US brand InFocus enters Indian Mobile Market with a budget smartphone M2. InFocus mobiles are manufactured by Foxconn, the world’s largest Original equipment mobile phone manufacturer and therefore the devices come with the guaranteed top-of-the-line build quality. The customer response to the last two devices InFocus M2 and M330 has been phenomena; over 1.5 lakh devices sold from a single online platform without any aggressive marketing initiatives.

In an interaction with Mobility magazine, Mr. Sachin Thapar, Country Head, InFocus Mobiles, shares  company’s future plans in India.

You have a vast experience with major brands in India. How do you feel InFocus will manage itself in India?
InFocus has already set off on its high-growth trajectory in the Indian market and has created a true disruption as far as the smartphone space is concerned. The USP of our products is that they have been reverse-engineered after a careful study of consumer demands and expectations. Each product is an epitome of technological innovation, superior build quality and features that far surpass everything in its price segment. This is the recipe for InFocus’ success in the country so far and we will continue to be guided by this vision.

What do you like about InFocus as a brand? What different approach are you following in India?
InFocus, a US pioneer in the visual communication market, and Foxconn, the global leader in consumer electronics manufacturing, have come together in a strategic partnership to build the unbeatable InFocus mobiles. The products not only sport the best-in-class specifications but also come at price points that delight.

The difference in approach, as mentioned above, is that all our products are fashioned on the basis of extensive consumer feedback. We have identified the vast and diverse consumer segments in the country and have reverse-engineered handsets that truly reflect their specific aspirations and desires in terms of features, aesthetics and price points. We have made significant investments in R&D to this end and are happy to see the truly encouraging results of our efforts.

What’s your role?
As the country head of InFocus Mobiles, my job is to spearhead the strategic roadmap for the company in the Indian market. Launching the revolutionary mobile handsets and driving all sales and marketing initiatives have been my responsibility. Under my leadership, the objective is to create a disruption in this space and also create tremendous value for our customers. My aim is to provide decisive leadership to the InFocus brand in India and to build handsets with superb features, superior build quality and unmatched American design.

We have seen a couple of good devices from InFocus that already sold in good numbers. What’s your experience with the first 2 models?
infocus(M530)22-8-15The response to our initial launches, the InFocus M2 and M330, has been phenomenal. We have sold over 1.5 lakh devices from a single online platform without any aggressive marketing initiatives. This experience has been very rewarding as it’s a culmination of all our efforts so far. Most of the rapid sales were spurred by word-of-mouth publicity which showed that our customers were extremely happy with the devices and the innovations and value they pack in.

How are you resolving issues that you have encountered with your first lot?
We haven’t faced any issues or complaints of even the most minor nature. We introduce a product in the market only after our quality check teams are completely satisfied with the product. There is simply no room for error and our customer response is testimony to this fact.

Tell us about your latest models that you have recently launched in India?
Our latest models in India are the InFocus M350 and M530, both absolute winners in their own right. The ‘mother of all selfie smartphones,’ the InFocus M530 is the most unmatched selfie phone won hands down with no other model in the market that can even come closer. It has an unbeatable front and rear camera at 13 MP. With the phenomenal rear dual color LED flash camera with optical image stabilizer and F1.8 aperture, the device delivers a spectacular photography experience, while the sleek ceramic-looking back and superbly elegant metal ring reflect the premium taste of India’s young professionals and trendy college-goers. More than just beautiful design and a killer camera, the M530 comes equipped with a segment- leading Octa-core processor.

Similarly, the M350 is smart, sleek and stunning with the thinnest part being only 3.5mm. In its category, it sports the most superlative front camera of 8 MP with auto-focus and a BSI sensor. Additionally, it has the best battery back-up of 2500 mAh. The quad-core 64-bit processor offers a faster processing speed and an enhanced performance giving an exceptional multimedia and 3D game-playing experience.

Do you find the online platform more convenient than the traditional retail channel?
While we have taken to the online platform in the initial stage, both offline and virtual modes are equally important for us. We will be leveraging the benefits of both channels depending on timing and the nature of the product. Going forward, you can expect us to focus on both the forms of retail.

How big is your team in India? Any expansion plans?
At present, we have a 40-member strong team. As we grow and bring in more products, we will certainly look at expanding this number.

What more exciting things can we expect form InFocus this year?
While I can’t divulge much at this stage, all I can say is that you stay tuned in. It will be well worth it!