Withdraw Cash with Vodafone M – Pesa


Even after one month of demonetisation, people across the state are still struggling with cash crunch. With large number of ATMS running out of cash or half-shuttered, people are facing immense problem to avail their hard-earned money.

To ease the problems general public is facing, Vodafone is offering an easy solution to overcome all your cash struggle, with its well entrenched  network of 1,20,000 m-pesa outlets across the country. It is well placed to deal with all the customers facing the cash crunch, therefore, you do not need to stand in long queues outside ATMs and bank branches for cash.

The facility is unique to the M-Pesa wallet as no other digital wallet allows you to withdraw cash. The money stored in the M-Pesa account is secured by a 4 digit M-Pesa pin which should be known only to you, just like an ATM. Customers (Vodafone and Non-Vodafone) can visit any of the 120,000 outlets and use the unique cash out feature. Further, the Vodafone M-Pesa digital wallet too can be easily digitally loaded via credit or debit card or net banking.

Interestingly, 56% of the outlets are located in the rural India, and considering the fact that the smart phone penetration in rural India is not at par with urban India. The inimitable M-Pesa app allows even a feature phone user to transfer money and cash it, through a short USSD code.