Xiaomi Launches MIUI 7 in India


Xiaomi unveiled MIUI 7 in India the latest upgrade to its popular Android-based operating system, which includes several new features designed for India. MIUI is a deeply optimised user interface that allows for extensive customisation. Xiaomi has refined MIUI over the past year to create MIUI 7, which has a colourful interface with better performance, battery-saving optimizations and an even wider variety of personalisation options. Devices running MIUI 7 can see up to 30 percent faster response time when launching system apps, and 10 percent better battery life in daily usage.

Hugo Barra, Vice President, Xiaomi Global, said: “MIUI 7 is a fresh new take on our immensely popular operating system, well-loved by over 150 million users. With so many exciting new enhancements, you will be able to feel the difference the moment you power on your phone running MIUI 7. With more new system UIs to choose from, customised profile videos for calls using Showtime and a variety of personalisation options, MIUI 7 is truly ‘Yours by Design’.”

MIUI 7 will be available in beta on August 24th for all Xiaomi smartphones sold in India. Xiaomi launched MIUI on August 16, 2010 with only 100 users. To date, it has crossed 150 million users worldwide in 156 countries and regions. Incorporating feedback from fans over the past five years, Xiaomi has rolled out 250 weekly updates so far and counting.