Xploree: A virtual friend to users that understands their needs even before they realize it themselves.


Q1. Would you brief us on what Xploree- The Thinking Keyboard App is all about? How it works, and how it all started? Who needs Xploree and how Xploree helps them?

Xploree is a smart mobile keyboard app that doubles up as a discovery platform. Powered by AI, the keyboard allows users to receive relevant suggestions and content while they chat, browse apps, etc. Even before users realize, Xploree gauges user’s intent & suggests recommendations based on who and what the users care about, current context [location, availability, etc.] and their likelihood to care about things when in a similar context.

Q2. What is your USP and how Xploree is different from its competitors?

By today’s internet analogy, a keyboard is to mobile what ‘Googling’ is to internet. The keyboard is a tool used the maximum number of times and it does have better propositions than just smart word predictions. Xploree has made the humble keyboard smarter by adding AI & NLP layers making it intent rich to understand user preferences and needs. Xploree understands more than 130 global languages, interprets the need or the context to show personalized recommendations to users.

It has partnered with all the leading brands to give users everything they need without having to download or switch between multiple apps, making app discovery a lot easier. Some of the brands on Xploree includes Flipkart, Amazon, Zomato, Hungama, Hindustant Times, etc. Xploree promises to be more than a normal keyboard. It’s a virtual friend to users that understands their needs even before they realize it themselves.

Q3. Mention few other striking features of your app.

  • Xploree works on light weight AI & NLP technology. The platform is power packed with intent prediction, sentiment detection and human reasoning to offer contextual and personalized recommendations
  • Xploree is a multilingual keyboard app that understands over 130 global languages including 29 indic languages likeHindi, Gujarati, Malayalam, Tamil, Bhojpuri, Tamlish and Hinglish
  • The keyboard recommends news, sports updates, latest trends, deals and offers through self-initiated, non-intrusive visual triggers.The Xploree keyboard makes browsing and search seamless – reducing the need for app hopping and app switching
  • Xploree follows strict EULA & data privacy policies and do not capture, store or map users’ data.

Q4. Brief us about your reach geographically and also the user base.

Currently Xploree has over 5 million users. The smart keyboard app is available on android, only in India

Q5. How many brands have you partnered with in India? Any plans to increase that number?

We have more than 30 partners on board that includes both OEMs and brands. The number keeps growing more as brands have started to realize the power of the mobile keyboard app- a tool that is used the most in smartphones

Q6. How do you wish to capitalize on the exponentially growing smartphone users in the country?

Despite 100% penetration across smartphones; keyboard remains the most underutilized and passive input app / device. By today’s internet analogy, keyboard is to mobile what ‘Googling’ is to internet. Our vision is to build a future where the mobile keyboard can be leveraged to help people in their moment of need, create value for users as well as brands and improve the way people interact with their mobile keyboard.

Q7.  The most challenging aspects faced by Xploree in the market.

As users take to their smartphone to stay updated, get entertained and chat endlessly, the possibilities to serve them in the most optimal manner are largely unexplored. There lies an opportunity as well as a challenge in deciphering human intent expressed on the smartphone. Building a platform that can replace ‘search’ is a big challenge.