Yahoo Mail app for Windows 10


The app brings you brand­new ways to effortlessly access mail and get notified of new messages. In addition, the wide breadth of features already available on the web are all available in a familiar interface.

There are three new ways to check to see if you have new messages. On the lock screen, a count of new messages will appear so you can see if you need to even sign in to your computer. In the Start Menu, a Live Tile is available that shows you snippets of  the latest new email (Just “pin” the Yahoo Mail app to the Start Menu to enable the Live Tile). And as you use your computer throughout the day, desktop notifications will appear to alert you of any new messages. All of these can be controlled in the Windows Settings.

Of course, being a Windows app, it’s now super easy to also access your Yahoo Mail from the taskbar or via the popular “alt­tab” shortcut. And you always have the option to set Yahoo Mail as your default app for sending new mails any time you click an email address from the web or other apps. All of these features are available for any Windows 10 tablet or desktop computer, including the Microsoft Surface.
And all of the features you know and love from the browser­based version of Yahoo Mail  are available for you right now. By the way, have you tried the new compose feature that let’s you add photos, files, GIFs and links with one click? It’s sweet.

To download the Yahoo Mail app for Windows 10 today, go to Yahoo Mail in the Windows Store. For more information on Windows 10, please visit the Windows blog.