E-Learning Tools and the Market Growth : Persainjit Singh, Co-founder & CEO, Extraclass.com


    In 2016, the Indian market size was $247 million with total 1.6 million users. E-learning is expected to witness an 8 times growth to reach $1.96 billion by 2021.
    India has become second largest country after the US to which is predicted to grow by 15.64 percent and exceed $48 billion by 2020.
    E-learning platforms are changing the Indian education scenario by fulfilling the demand and supply gap of students by providing personalized learning tools and outcomes. E-learning has led to the era of education which is beyond the classroom boundaries, education has now become fun with different tools, gamified versions and attractive graphics.

    Factors like penetration of smartphones, growth in the usage of internet have led
    to the swift growth of e-learning. India may replace china to have the second largest users of internet (730 million by 2020) after the US. It is estimated that the number of internet users will grow by 75% in rural areas by the year 2020. The govt. of India has launched many programmes to spread digital literacy and create a knowledge-based society, such as ‘Digital India’ and ‘Skill India’.

    Online learning has taken over the traditional methods of education not only in the urban areas but also in rural areas. E-learning is bringing schools and universities to your homes via mobiles and computers. Educators can’t be everywhere, especially in rural areas and tier 2-3 cities. In a country like India, where premier colleges are very less in number with even lesser seats, students have started to take online sessions to study. Updated content, gamified versions, rewards to study, attractive graphics what more a student would desire!
    There are many cloud based tools which have been introduced in recent years to make the e-learning easy, fun and long lasting! Some of them are mentioned below-

     Articulate Rise
    It’s a cloud based authoring that allows you to create beautiful, inherently
    responsive e-learning with Rise. It automatically adapts courses for every device,
    using the latest web techniques.

     Elucidat
    A cloud-based, responsive authoring tool that’s designed to help ambitious teams
    and to create a high quality e-learning at scale. Its exceptional and free support
    helps both novice and experienced authors uncover the full capabilities of the

     Adobe Captivate
    It is a desktop application which is available for both Windows and Mac. The most
    powerful authoring tools in the list is captive, it has its own set of challenges and
    comes with a steeper learning curve.

     Evolve
    It has unique set of features that gives you control over creation and presentation
    of the course. It is an intuitive tool for quickly building powerful eLearning

     Articulate Storyline
    It has a modest learning curve considering the flexibility it offers. It is a Windows
    desktop application that represents a PowerPoint look and feel.

     Gomo
    It is a cloud-based authoring tool that allows you to create web-style content. The
    courses can be hosted online through the web, or offline using the Gomo app.
    There have been several high ticket deals in the Indian e-learning industry over
    the last three years. It has a promising future and could become the next sunrise
    industry in a few years. But, it is unlikely to say that it will replace traditional
    methods of learning. Both e-learning and traditional methods will work in
    tandem. In shaping up the online education, the trio of content, delivery and
    access will act as a change-agent.