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    About Mobility India Magazine

    Mobility magazine re-defines the customer experience and partner business perception making it an ideal platform to connect yourself to your end-customers and channel partners MOBILITY IS ONE OF THE TOP AND EFFICIENT CONSUMER PLUS MEDIA TO REACH YOUR CONSUMERS & PARTNERS The magazine extensively covers all the essential and business-critical information relevant to the development, growth and sustenance of the industry of mobile devices, their accessories & peripheral consumers and distribution channel. Mobility print version, with a multi-dimensional approach towards information exchange, has a circulation of over 45,000 reaching all the important players: end-consumers, vendors, channel partners, SMEs, SMBs, etc cutting across the verticals of the mobility industry in India. Several copies also reach Roymediative’s international clients in Taiwan, China, Thailand, Dubai and Singapore. The daily Mobility Online News Letter reaches over 60,000 subscribers. The website www.mobilityindia.com receives over 1,000,000 page views every month. Today, Mobility, with the reputation as a one-stop destinations for trade-critical information on mobile devices, accessories & peripherals, is widely read by end-consumers, CEOs, CXOs, CIOs, Directors, MDs and Government & PSU officials, Marketing Managers and Product Development Managers, for taking mission-critical decisions. REACH AND CONNECT TO YOUR CONSUMERS AND THE CHANNEL
    • MOBILITY is a Consumer Plus Magazine launched in 2004 with the objective of transmitting the critical information on the Mobile gadgets, their accessories & peripherals to the end consumers and the channel partners to help different players to realize their goals in the most efficient ways.
    • Magazines main focus is on presenting news, reviews, stories, interviews, analyses, the latest trends in the Mobility world, etc to provide the right choices for the consumers to purchase; and to offer the best options for the partners to connect their businesses to the channel partners.
    • Mobility enjoys a clear edge over other similar magazines due to its established presence and excellent reach to the consumers as well as mobile gadget, accessory & peripheral channel.
    • Mobility provides an excellent platform to the major mobile device, accessory & peripheral channel players, vendors and solution providers to promote their products and services and to reach out to other relevant players of this segment and thereby winning market share.
    Mobility’s target audience includes end-consumers and channel partners from different segments spread across the huge Indian market of mobile gadgets, including smart phones, tablets, laptops and their accessories & peripherals. BENEFITS OF GETTING COVERAGE IN MOBILITY MAGAZINE
    • Mobility magazine is printed on quality paper that offers comfortable reading and better shelf-life
    • Reaches out to all the essential and relevant geo-locations, partners and consumers in India
    • Mobility helps to explore new business avenues to meet the expanding business needs
    • Key media to establish strong and sustainable relations among the relevant players
    MOBILITY’S HIGHLY PROFESSIONAL EDITORIAL & TECHNICAL TEAMS HELP YOU TO MEET YOUR COVERAGE NEEDS IN THE BEST POSSIBLE WAYS MAGAZINE STRUCTURE Mobility’s Editorial Team: Mobility has a time-tested, value-driven editorial team that is manned by highly talented, well-educated and experienced editors and reporters who are adept at meeting the key personalities, tracking the right and latest information and putting it into the right perspective. Mobility’s Technical Team: Mobility has a versatile and experienced technical team to examine your mobile devices & solutions and prepare ideal product and technical reviews. Different Content Segments in Mobility Include Cover Story: It is the main story of the month with comments and views from the industry’s top players Mobility News: This section covers news and product launches of the month Launch Pad: It discusses one or two launches of novel products among all other products Mobility Face to Face: Interaction with an important individual in the industry Special Report: This column discusses a special trend Mobility Interview: Q&A interview with important personality in the industry Mobility Personality: Covers the a personality and his influence on the tech industry Hot N Happening: This segment focuses on what is hot at present Industry Focus: This section deals with what is happening in the industry Product of the month: Describes a product that has special impact Tech Focus: Focus of this segment will be on technology rather than on the product Product Review: Specs of product are reviewed by the technical team and critical report is presented with pros and cons. Trend Setter: We are featuring smartphones and other gadgets which make an impact in the Indian market. Made in India : We just launched Made in India section in which we are only talking about Indian brands and how they have face challenges and grown and reestablished themselves in the Indian market. Product Portfolio: In this section we provide adequate space for product images, so that it can be showcase properly to the readers. Channel Focus: We also have a channel base story page in which we do in depth research and feature major distributors of particular brands.