Zomato to adopt for electric vehicles by 2030

Zomato, which is a food delivery platform, has announced that it will adopt electric vehicles for 100% of its fleet by 2030 with a view to build a more sustainable company. Zomato founder and CEO Deepinder Goyal announced in a release that the company has partnered with the Climate Group’sRead More →

Mitsui, TECO to set up plant for EV motors in India

Teco Electric and Machinery Co, is one of Taiwan’s leading suppliers of electric motors, is expected to start mass production of power systems for electric vehicles in India in January next year, Teco president George Lien said in a company statement on Tuesday. The company’s Indian plant would complete itsRead More →

Glozztek Services 02

Choices for artistic detailing services are insufficient in India, which leads the world in so many different fields, especially in the automotive detailing sector, where cars are pampered with customised solutions for detailing and protection of luxury and supercars. To provide this specialised service, Glozztek, a Bengaluru-based startup has recently started aRead More →