Huawei Connected Car Solution Wins ‘Best IoV Innovation’ Award


At World Intelligent Vehicle Conference 2017, one of the world’s most professional globalized conference, Huawei’s Connected Car solution, developed on its OceanConnect IoT platform, was honored with ‘Best IoV Innovation’ Award. The award recognizes Huawei’s achievements in flexible service operation and deployment, secure network access, and commercial assistance to customers and partners.

Today, ever-changing communications technologies mean faster connections and limitless possibilities in every aspect of our lives. For transportation, automobiles have become more intelligent than ever. IoV drives products, technologies, and communications to evolve towards intelligence, and carmakers seek to transform from traditional manufacturer to transportation service provider. Featuring cloud computing, big data, and other core technologies, the Huawei OceanConnect IoT platform has rolled out a unified, open Connected Car solution. Vehicle information now is uploaded to the cloud over secure, reliable, and efficient connections, helping physical assets go digital while promoting digital transformation for automobile enterprises.

Huawei’s Connected Car solution offers transportation service-oriented capabilities and suites that include data, interconnection, fleet, and security. It generates new value streams thanks to unified and secure network access, flexible adaptation to multiple terminals, and collection and analysis of massive data volumes.

Huawei Cloud Core Network Connected Car Solution Director Xie Hong accepted the award. “We at Huawei uphold ecology neutrality and data independence, and are committed to creating an open and win-win ecosystem,” she stated. “We look forward to marching together with more ecosystem partners into a broader market. Our consistent belief is that cloud data is an asset of automobile enterprises, and continue to never monetize or open it to third party monetization. We want our unified, open Connected Car solution to become a critical enabler in digital transformation for enterprises.”

 At present, Huawei has commercialized its Connected Car solution with FAW Group, Saudi Arabia’s Zain and Malaysia’s Axiata, thanks to a global business footprint, mature connectivity technologies, and unified platforms.