JAYS announces the x-Five Wireless in India


Designed to fit every part of your day. No matter if you are in school, at work or on your way to meet some friends. The x-Five Wireless boosts a 20 hour battery time and is built smartly with a foldable design for easy use all day, every day. 20 hours playtime, Signature JAYS’ Warm sound, Foldable design and Integrated mic and control buttons.

With memory foam padded ear cushions the x-Five Wireless will adapt and customize their shape according to your ear. The lightweight, foldable construction and its soft headband will enable you to wear the headphones without compromising on compatibility and portability.

The foldable headband and rotating ear cups makes it easy to bring the x-Five Wireless with you, anywhere at anytime. Just fold them together and put them in the pocket of your jacket or inside your bag without taking a lot of space or feeling bulky.