LG’s X-Boom Typhoon : Let’s Bring The House Down


LG has recently added a brand-new version of the X Boom Speaker to its range. The  new speaker is the X Boom Typhoon (OJ98). This product is targeted to all the party lovers. No party can be complete without the unmatched sound quality from this speaker. With revamped technology and design aesthetics, this speaker is a perfect blend of both the functionalities. Users will get to experience a new way of listening to music and setting the mood right for their parties.


Twin Subwoofer with Blast Horn – The X Boom Typhoon comes with a Dual Subwoofer allowing 1800 watts of booming beats and a Blast Horn to enhance the re-booming effects. With this feature, the speaker is sure to take any party to the next level.  With the new features of the X Boom Typhoon streaming music from the phone, Karaoke App or YouTube has become so convenient. With the vocal fader feature, users can reduce the vocals from any music to sing their own karaoke track. The key changer allows to transport the key by clicking on the buttons. It also has a vocal effect, with that  feature you can  play around with various voices doubles the fun at every party. Users can give a makeover to the voice, even while singing. Bass, Soprano, Helium, Robot, Duet Man and Duet Woman are some of the exciting effects users can try.

The X Boom Typhoon enables the music player to go upto full throttle, by pushing it forward to build up the sound. The wild lighting and booming bass of the speaker make it an ideal party partner. You can also connect with 3 Bluetooth devices at the same time, to create, manage and add to the playlists. This way multiple persons can play their favorite songs and join the fun.

Verdict:   If you are looking for a speaker system for your  terrace or a Block party this festive season than this  X-Boom Typhoon is an ideal  party performer for you.