MMA: Mobile Ecosystem and ad-Sizing Report 2018


Mobile Marketing Association, the global leading association for the mobile marketing industry, along with GroupM, world’s leading media investment group, released its ‘Mobile Ecosystem and ad-Sizing Report’ 2018. The report includes an in-depth analysis of India’s mobile reach, smartphone penetration, rural & urban usage pattern, emphasis on gaming and mobile advertising spends. Advocated by GroupM, the report is a collaborative effort by the marketing and mobile industry.

The latest report has a quick peak on a basic guide on how programmatic works and its pros and cons, and its future evolution. It also brings you up-to-date on the latest trends in data growth, content play, programmatic, device status; how India is moving towards a new era of mobile marketing, seeing rampant growth in both usages and spends.

Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) does the ‘Mobile Ecosystem and ad-Sizing Report’ that deciphers state of mobile in India every year and what will we see in the future that will further explode this mobile first economy.

Rohit Dadwal, Managing Director, MMA Asia Pacific, said “Mobile Marketing is now a main stream advertising and marketing medium and it is imperative that we start to decipher the various parts of this burgeoning media. We hope the ecosystem study would provide insights to marketers and the industry on the whole on the opportunity and will help in making the right investments for its continuing growth. “

Sam Singh, the co-chair of Mobile Marketing Association India and CEO GroupM, said, “The number of smartphone users is expected to only go up and it just shows how much potential these digital screens have. Hence, we as marketers must understand various facets of mobile marketing. Times are changing fast and we want to enable marketers with the knowledge that can help them in a long run.”