Prime Minister Modi is The Most Popular World Leader on Social Media


    97 million followers in total on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube,Twitter and Linkedin

    The world wouldn’t be the same without the means of social networking and since there are more than 2 billion users worldwide according to Statista, people are using this as a mode of communicating with the rest of the world.

    World leaders such as Donald Trump, The Pope and Narendra Modi are no strangers to this platform. CupoNation India, conduct a study over the use of social media among all the country leaders, both heads of state and heads of government, in the world and here’s what they found out.

    The winner in terms of total followers

    Prime Minister Modi is the clear winner: With around 97 million followers in total, Narendra Modi has the most followers in total.

    Donald Trump ends up in second place with around 78 million followers and after him there is a bigger gap down to the third place, which belongs to Pope Francis who has approximately 50 million followers. On fourth and fifth place are Indonesian president Joko Widodo and Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan with around 25 million and 24 million followers respectively.

    Instagram followers

    ●  Narendra Modi has the most followers on Instagram. With more than 11 million followers Narendra Modi is on the top in terms of instagram followers.

    ●  This is then followed by Donald Trump with around 8 million followers

    Twitter followers

    Donald Trump is the most followed leader on Twitter: Trump has around 47 million Twitter followers.

    Pope Francis comes in second with more than 44 million twitter followers and in third placing Narendra Modi with more than 39 million followers.

    Facebook Likes

    While Modi is the most popular leader on Facebook with around 43 million followers. Pope Francis does not have a presence on Facebook, but ends up high on the list because of his popularity on Twitter and Instagram.

    ●  Trump is the second most popular leader on Facebook claiming more than 29 million likes, this is then followed by the Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen, acquiring more than 9 million likes on Facebook

    Interesting facts

    ●  Russian president Vladimir Putin does not have any presence on social media, neither on the traditional channels nor on Russian social media.

    ●  Emmanuel Macron of France and Narendra Modi of India are the only leaders with accounts on all platforms (excluding the Russian VKontakte).

    ●  In total there are 138 Facebook accounts, 122 Twitter accounts, 59 Instagram accounts, 18 YouTube accounts, 8 LinkedIn accounts and 3 VKontakte accounts among the world leaders.

    ●  91.22 % – 322 out of the 353 world leaders – are men. Only 8.78 % are female.

    ●  The average age among the leaders is 61.6 years. The youngest leader is Chancellor Sebastian Kurz of Austria, who is 31 years old, and the oldest is Queen Elizabeth II, of the United Kingdom, with 91 years as of January 2018.

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