Samsung's New ChatON 3.5 now runs multi- platform


samsung30-5-14Samsung recently unveiled the new version 3.5 of ChatON. In which now they have added many dynamic new features, and most importantly available across Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry and can be used across a wide range of devices. This will surely attract new users to use this platform the  big question will be how many? As most of the people already hooked to other IMs like WhatsApp. Few interesting features which we have noticed at the launch is that now the Samsung ChatOn included up to 1GB file sharing, instant message translation between English and Hindi, up to 1001 members’ group chat, easy location sharing, sent message recall, Indianized Anicons and SMS/MMS integration etc.

At the launch Mr. Tarun Malik, Director of Media Solutions Center-South West Asia, Samsung Electronics demonstrated few new features of ChatON like to 1000 members’ group chat which means users can now have more friends and contacts in a single group and communicate with them seamlessly. Another cool new feature that we liked about ChatON which has been added keeping in mind user needs is the sent message recall feature, which allows users to recall messages they may have sent accidentally.

A big differentiator for ChatON is the Live Partners feature, which comprises key partners including CriqHQ, Ebay, Mint, Aajtak, amongst others to engage the consumer and provide exclusive content, discounts and deals. ChatON LIVE Partner is a highly popular one-stop-shop where users can subscribe to diverse content from multiple service providers. The assorted partner alliances include genres such as News, Sports, Food, Education, Astrology and Entertainment.

So though it has included lots of innovative features, but the main challenge will be for Samsung is to drag the crowed to ChatOn.