Sony’s new MP-CL1 portable mobile projector


Sony with its unique innovations in the consumer tech sector, today entered the Portable Mobile Projector market with the new MP-CL1. Designed for an elevated media experience, the handheld projector uses a laser light source to deliver HD resolution images (1920 x 720) with high contrast (80,000:1) for accurate colour rendition.

A new way to read, watch, connect and create- the short-throw, pocket-sized mobile projector can display a screen size of up to 120 inches at a distance of 3.45 metres. Being a perfect match for home and mobile entertainment, business presentations, the projector comes with a built-in speaker. It also serves the purpose of displaying content from smartphones or tablets.

Despite its diminutive size, the MP-CL1 has a number of connection options. Besides connecting to a source via HDMI, it is able to interface with a smartphone or tablet device viaMHL, allowing unprecedented connectivity for work and play. At the same time, its built-inScreen Mirroring function allows you to wirelessly mirror content from a smartphone, tabletdevice or PC via Wi-Fi.

Using Sony’s Laser Beam Scanning (LBS) [1]technology, this processing system allows the MPCL1 to project images at HD resolution and enables focus-free projection as well as seamlessviewing, even on uneven surfaces. With the addition of auto focus, the projector can keepconstant, uninterrupted focus at various distances without the need for manual adjustments.Thanks to LBS, images projected will not have residual lag, including videos with action scenes.The unit also provides manual Key Stone Correction to maintain screen uniformity, bothvertically and horizontally, despite angled surfaces.

This extremely portable device has an aluminum body with a matte finish. It features a built-in3400mAh battery that allows up to 120 minutes of HD resolution playback. The MP-CL1 alsoincludes a HDMI to Mini-HDMI adapter, Micro-USB cable and a detachable two-way stand.