5 Lite travel Apps


Travelling to a low network zone or simply don’t have enough space on your smartphone to store a suite of apps that make your life simpler? The solution is downloading another app, only a lighter version! Lite apps offer the same features but take up less space and use less data to find exactly what you are looking for!

Here, we are listing the top 5 must have Lite apps for your smartphone featuring a minimalist app design using less RAM, storage and battery. These apps will make sure you achieve a more seamless, data conserving experience and rescue you if you are ever stuck in a tight spot!

Ola Lite
Stuck in a place with a low network and not sure how to book your cab back home? Ola’s lightweight app that consumes less than 1 MB will save the day. No matter where you are or which network zone you are in, this app is a must-have on your smartphone to book a cab and get going!

OYO Lite
All of us have made an impromptu travel plan at some point in our life either to the hills where there is no connectivity or a business trip to a crowded city with a phone that is dying because of the work calls. OYO Lite will help you find your perfect accommodation even in such circumstances. OYO Lite is fast and responsive, uses less data, takes up storage space of less than 800 KB! So, no matter where you plan to go, OYO Lite will help you book a place at the tap of a button even in the remotest locations.

Instagram Lite
In a social frenzy place where we love updating our interests and passion all the time, Instagram lite is one of the must-have apps on your phone. Instagram lite lets you browse through the posts on your timeline and even post Stories. It’s a massive cut down right from 32 MB to a mere 500 KB. So, there’s no stopping you from updating friends of the amazing time you are having even on top a hill!

Youtube Go
Whether you are driving home from your office or binging on some music videos you would want to enjoy this seamlessly in any case. With a basic user interface, Youtube Go is super-fast and light and offers some of the better features of the stock app—like the option to save videos for offline viewing. Rest assured you won’t have to worry about data consumption or the fear of your phone getting heated up.

Kindle Lite
This is for all the bookworms and the wordsmiths who practically eat sleep repeat Kindle! In the times when you forget to carry a Kindle with you, Kindle lite will ensure you don’t miss your next chapter. It’s essentially a packaged version of the Kindle mobile app, which has undergone updates giving you the best reading experience even on slow networks and with patchy connectivity. What’s more, you can choose from over five million books from the Kindle Store, from global best sellers to niche titles by Indian authors- the app has got you covered.