A Right Startup that achieved a landmark figure in the ecommerce space


Unicommerce, is an ecommerce management software & fulfillment solutions company in India operating on B2B and B2C models.  Established in 2012 by three friends Ankit Pruthi, Karun Singla and Vibhu Garg and later joined by Manish Gupta, the venture serves the e-Commerce industry by solving their hassles of payment, logistics, warehousing and order management.

Unicommerce Crosses 1 million Orders Per Month
Achieves 10 Thousand Unique Users for its customers

Mr Ankit Pruthi, Co-founder & CEO, Unicommerce shared with us that how they have achieved this success after initial challenges Unicommerce created a product using which an Online Seller can sell on Multiple Marketplaces like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, etc. Because of this the seller does not have to divide his inventory at 10 diff places while selling online. He can expose his entire inventory at every place. This leads to huge improvement in inventory utilization and thus impacts the costs positively.

Building such a product was a great technical challenge. Because tying together 50-60 diff marketplace, understanding their technology, making them work together in tandem – was a tough challenge. And doing this reliably to give a seamless experience to the online seller requires a great product team. Unicommerce has successfully delivered a stable and feature rich product which is solving major pain points of online sellers. (Use Pic of Integration attached)

Today Unicommerce processes more than 2.5 Million orders every month. With more than 1000 companies relying on Unicommerce for the ‘core’ functionality like back-end (inventory, vendors, order syncs, procurement, shipment tracking, etc.), Unicommerce has made a definite mark in the Indian E-commerce Industry.

An ecommerce seller sees multiple challenges which include duplication of efforts leading to time consumption and of course operational limitations like delayed order fulfillment, duplicate or incorrect shipments or stock-outs. “Our dominant SaaS based Uniware helps them in providing a centralized platform to manage Orders, Inventory, Warehouse and Shipping giving them seamless order processing and real-time inventory updates” further continued Mr Pruthi.

Today the inventory management software company and its product are the backbone of inventory management for companies like Myntra, CaratLane and Groupon among several others in India.

Moving forward
Having received a thumbs up from our existing customers, we are ready to reach out to the rest of the market. In 2015, Unicommerce aims to expand not just geographically but also expand its offering by solving more and more pain points of Online sellers in a better fashion.