Amkette launched Connected headphones “Tango” on


Sharing earplugs while listening to audio from a single sound source is something that has troubled consumers for a while now. In the process, the sound gets compromised and listening gets inconvenient as it binds the users to stay in one position else the earplugs would fall off the ear. This is a common issue while you are travelling or are at public places. The lack of connected headphones absolutely ruins the audio experience.

Amkette with its all new Amkette Tango is here to revolutionise your audio experience forever; now share your favourite music with your loved ones, using the same device. With the innovative sharing port, the Amkette Tango allows users to connect headphones to one another so the users never have to compromise on sound and convenience again. The headphones ensure a superior sound experience and have a sturdy design for rugged usage. They are an ideal fit for the generation on the go.

The headphones come in 3 contemporary colours with 4 customizable decals. With each headphones there are four designer decals to suit your mood and style in essence each headphone becomes 4 different headphones on the go.The Amkette Tango with its foldable form factor is extremely convenient to carry in backpacks and also fits perfectly in your pockets.

The headphones come in three attractive colours: Black, White and Grey and Dark Blue and Light Blue. They are priced at Rs. 1495/- and are exclusively available on