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With Drupe, you can manage all your contacts and messaging apps in one place. Your contacts are on the left, your communications app icons on the right, then it’s just a matter of dragging your contact into the icon of the app you want to contact them with. Can give it a permanent icon on your screen in order to instantly access it whatever you’re doing on your phone. A greatlooking useful app.

skype28-5-15Able to call anyone anywhere in the world (with internet). The app interface is simple and very well-designed, letting you communicate by video and voice calls, as well as messaging.

evernote28-5-15Evernote is a little like Google Keep but has its own particularities. You can save notes, voice memos and files and access them on your various devices or laptop at any time you choose. You can also set reminders, take snapshots and even hand write your notes for that personal flair. Evernote has also had a nice Material Design makeover, making it one of the best looking productivity tools on Android.

Autodesk Pixlr
autodesk28-5-15Pixlr is the gold standard for awesome free photo editing apps on Android. You can edit all sorts of things in your photos like you normally would on a desktop (see screenshot below), and you can also make collages, add filters, overlays, borders, text, stickers and more. Task List & To-do Task List & To-do List. It’s got it all in one clean-looking user interface.You can make multiple kinds of lists, like for chores, shopping lists etc, as well as attach videos, photos and Dropbox files. The lists can be shared with colleagues or family members.

Audible for Android
audiable28-5-15If you haven’t got time to read a book, that doesn’t mean you can’t listen to it! With Audible for Android installed on your phone, you can listen to books on the go from about 150K titles, of all different genres. Perfect for the commute, going for a run or a long road trip.The app is really well made, with a bunch of features like bookmarking, sleep mode, variable narration speed, multitasking features, etc.

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