COMIO Smartphone Supports Singer Sattar Khan’s Musical Journey


COMIO Smartphone reflects the sentiment of today’s youth and as a brand, we support and encourage them to dream big. The Indian millennials are brimming with a burning ambition, desire and unyielding confidence to take on their passion and the campaign ‘Don’t Listen Kar Daal’ hits the perfect notes at so many levels.

From the Manganiar community in Rajasthan, Sattar Khan has been passionate about singing from his early years. He auditioned for Indian Idol at a young age of 16 years and caught the attention of musical duo Salim-Sulaiman. Now 7 years later, he has been featured in their new song, Baalamji that was launched this Holi. This year, he is one of the singers of Salim Sulaiman Live, which tours the United States and Canada this September.

Sumit Sehgal, Chief Marketing Officer, COMIO Smartphone said, “COMIO is a brand that strongly believes that we are for the youth & by the youth. India has a pool of talented singers and we are delighted to participate in realising the dreams of a maestro in making it big. Sattar’s journey is truly awe inspiring, from a small town in Rajasthan to touring globally, he resonates with COMIO’s spirit of #DontListen Kar Daal. We at COMIO, wish him all the success and a great journey in the world of music.”

Adding to the same, Mr. Salim Merchant, Indian Composer said, “We were mesmerized by Sattar Khan’s voice the first time we heard him sing at the Indian Idol auditions. Our latest video ‘Baalamji’ featuring Sattar Khan beautifully captures his true story and is a tribute to India’s talented folk singers. We are excited to have him tour with us for Salim Sulaiman Live and charm the global audience and thank COMIO Smartphones to support him fulfil his dream.”

Sulaiman added. “It’s beautiful to know that there are like minded companies like COMIO who share the same passion and drive that we do. There is so much talent in India!! Salim and me have always believed that we need to showcase this talent, give them a platform and make their journey real so that they can achieve their dreams and ambition in pursuing music as a passion and profession.”