Enterprise Collaboration App DingTalk Introduces English Version


DingTalk, a professional office application for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), unveiled an English version of the app. A product by the Alibaba Group, the app aims to enhancecommunication and redefine organisational collaboration for small and medium-sized enterprises that prefer to correspond in English. Over 5 million enterprises and organizations in China are already using the Chinese version.

Equipped with cutting edge technology, DingTalk is a revolutionary platform providing SMEs with a simple, efficient and secure platform for collaboration. Currently available on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows operating systems, DingTalk offers organizational-centric functions and features aimed at improving business-to-business communication and collaboration.

Speaking on the launch of the English version of DingTalk at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Chris Wang, Head of Global Business Development for DingTalk said, “Our endeavour is to empower SMEs so they can scale and become part of the global marketplace. Technology is a powerful tool to help businesses enhance operations, and function smoothly. With DingTalk, we will enable organizations to seamlessly communicate and collaborate across locations, thereby increasing productivity. We believe that this is the future of the workplace, and we see immense potential in helping businesses redefine their organizational connectivity.”

Currently, DingTalk serves businesses across sectors such as e-commerce, manufacturing, education and finance, providing them with a growing slate of business-centric functions. The goal is to create an effective platform which is mobile-optimized while offering cloud-based corporate solutions and freeing companies from the costs of building or buying software and maintaining their own servers for business communications, workflow management, and data storage.