InMobi Launches In-Game Advertising for Global Brands and Agencies

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InMobi, the independent marketing cloud, announced the launch of in-game advertising on InMobi Exchange. The launch of this unique in-game inventory on InMobi Exchange will now enable brands to reach premium mobile users, with ads that blend into the game environment, like electronic advertising boards in an in-game sports stadium, an esports arena or the extremely popular casual and hyper-casual gaming space.

During the past more than one-year, digital consumption has seen a huge boost majorly accelerated by Covid-19 induced lockdowns. Especially, gaming has seen rapidly growing user penetration and engagement levels during this period. According to KPMG’s India Media and Entertainment Report 2020, online gaming was the fastest-growing segment in the Media & Entertainment sector, recording a 45% growth in revenue while the user-base surpassed 365 million in the fiscal ended March 2020. As the mobile gaming industry is expected to continue on the growth trajectory, InMobi’s in-game advertising solutions will enable brands to leverage this platform to reach out more effectively to their audience.

Meanwhile, InMobi Exchange has forged partnerships with several industry-leading platforms in the native in-game advertising space including AdInMo, Admix, Adverty, Anzu, Bidstack, Frameplay and Sayollo. The breadth of these partnerships means that advertisers can access this type of premium inventory across the globe at a scale and diversity unmatched by any other mobile supply-side platform today.

Jayesh Ullattil, VP and GM for India at InMobi,

Speaking on the phenomenal growth of mobile gaming in India, Mr Jayesh Ullattil, VP and GM for India at InMobi, said: “India is the 5th largest mobile gaming market in the world. Based on our recent consumer study, we saw that the pandemic added 40% first-time gamers with 80% of all mobile gamers playing once or several times every day.” According to the recent 2021 Gaming Report by InMobi, 60% of the mobile gamers spend at least 10 minutes per session in an average, every day. “74% of all mobile gamers prefer to watch an ad over making in-app purchases and 60% recall the ad seen during play. This innovative partnership only enables advertisers to further maximize engagement with an already watchful and engaged audience,” added Jayesh.