Intex IT-Rider SUF 4.1 channel speaker Review


By Jayanta Ghosh

Great budget performer

Computer speaker market is getting very competitive in the sub 7000/- category. There are a number of options available in the market with good quality speakers in this price bracket. Intex Technologies recently introduced the IT-Rider SUF 4.1 channel speakers which offer above-average sound and excellent build quality in this segment.

The input options of the device include USB, SD card slot, Aux & MMC. The IT Rider SUF also comes with a LED display, Digital FM feature, remote control function, etc bundled with all connectivity features. The input & output jack, RCA offers multiple channel inputs that support and connects the system to the new generation TV, PC or a DVD player. The speaker has an output power of 50W + 15W x 4. The main units of IT Rider are compact and lightweight. It also has a full function remote control.

Setup & Testing
Intex IT-Rider SUF 4.1 speaker system includes a detailed manual as well as a quick setup guide. All of the satellite inputs are fed into the subwoofer enclosure which also houses the power supply and amp. Speaker inputs are color coded on the back of the subwoofer and we noticed that the rear speakers came with longer cables than the satellites used for the front, giving you ample room to position your rear speakers where you want them. And setting up this 4.1 speaker system is relatively easy and we experienced no problems with getting sound from the speaker system. Upon setup, we noticed that the satellite speakers are rather light, but give you quality sound output.

In our testing, we played every genre of music right from top Bollywood numbers to Yo Yo tracks to EDM and also tried some classics, jazz, Blues and gazals. The Intex IT-Rider SUF 4.1 speaker produced very crisp highs and lows, but detailing is average. Bass is crisp and apparent; the satellites in particular pushed the highs out very well creating a crisp but somewhat flat projection. In our movie and game testing, the speaker produced good crisp highs and deep bass output. It gives you very quality sound that is better than most speakers in its class with minimal white noise. Available in black color, the IT Rider SUF 4.1 is priced at INR 5200/- and can be bought through Intex’s vast distribution network across India.

Key specs:

  • 50W + 15W x 4
  • Main Unit:20Hz – 200Hz, Satellite: 200Hz – 20KHz frequency response
  • Main Unit:16.5cm(6.5”) /50W, Satellite:7.62cm (3”)/15W speaker size
  • ≥ 60 db S/N
  • ≥ 40 db separation
  • 8 Ω Impedance
  • AC 220V ~ 240V/50Hz power supply
  • 88MHz to 108MHz FM Frequency Receiver
  • ST-By/ PP, Source, Tuning-/ Prev, Tuning+/Next, Vol+, Vol- (controls)
  • RCA input and output jack

Pros:  Good input options, light satellite speakers, adequate wires to fit the satellite speakers, budget speaker.
Cons: Design is not that great

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