Mobiliya Launches India centric MDM


Understanding the unique challenges of maintaining data sovereignty in an era of cloud, Mobiliya recently announced the launch of Mobiliya Shoonya a comprehensive enterprise solution for Extensible Device Management. Mobiliya Shoonya, is a state of the art, enterprise grade Mobile Device Management server for Android & iOS Devices.It ensures the security of sensitive company data, enforces compliance with corporate MDM policies and provides simple access to enterprise apps and services for employees.

Each country has its own set of laws regarding data protection, and the multi-location nature of the cloud based in other countries is posing a threat on the protection of sensitive information for organizations based in India. Mobiliya Shoonya, has all its server in India, making it a suitable solution for supporting data sovereignty for organizations, making it a true Make in India product.

Mobiliya Shoonya can be customized to suit a variety of industry specific segments and verticals. The solution’s comprehensive features include remote device management to manage devices, enforce enterprise policies and remotely lock, wipe or reset any device; advanced security that facilitates easy deployment in governmental and restricted environments; device provisioning to assist administrators in distributing apps, files, operating system upgrades and settings for all enterprise devices; a multi-platform web console to restrict and manage multiple devices; and easy one click on-boarding that allows new users to the enterprise environment.

Security of data is crucial within government bodies, PSU, sensitive govt establishment. These organizations are flooded by personal devices inside the environment and a lot of people still use their personal email for their official work, resulting in sensitive data on landing in foreign lands. Mobiliya Shoonya enables to manage and control personal mobile phone of sensitive appointment in its establishment. The solution’s comprehensive features also include disabling mobile device features such as camera, Bluetooth, apps, etc. Today, data sovereignty is of the highest importance to the National security agencies & Mobiliya Shoonya addresses that gap.

*Krish Kupathil, CEO of Mobiliya says *We are very excited to announce the launch of Mobiliya Shoonya, an Indian MDM solution, as one of the solutions offered by Mobiliya to meet the needs of the rapidly growing mobile workforce. A lot of challenges are faced by Indian Government & private enterprise due to the services being managed from offshore datacenters with different set of policies & environment, making it accessible to foreign third parties. We have embarked on this path to make an Indian MDM to address these concerns. Mobiliya Shoonya is a product made for Indian organizations with data centers within India.

Adding to this further, *Ankush Tiwari, M.D & SVP of Engineering, Mobiliya* says  With Mobility gaining a good market share and becoming a major part of CIO’s IT strategy, data manageability & data sovereignty has become a key decision factor for Mobility adoption . Each country has its own set of laws regarding data protection and as India rises to the security risks of cloud, data sovereignty plays a crucial role. Mobiliya Shoonya, is a solution created to address the challenges of enterprise data leaving local premises and being stored in a foreign country enforcing Indian data to stay in India.