Motorola MH7020 Whole Home Wi-Fi Mesh System

Motorola MH7020 Whole Home Wi-Fi Mesh System is Now Available in India

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Minim, the creator of intelligent networking products under the globally recognized Motorola brand, today announced that the Motorola MH7020 Whole Home WiFi Mesh System is now available in India. With this launch, Indian consumers will also receive a free upgrade to its new mobile app, motosync, powered by Minim. Together, the Motorola MH7020 mesh system and motosync app create exceptional coverage, network security, performance, and control at the competitive price of ₹7,999.00 (one-pack), ₹13,999.00 (two-pack), or ₹19,999.00 (three-pack).

“We at Motorola always believe in delivering innovation that matters to consumers,” said Mr. Prashanth Mani, Executive Director, Motorola Asia Pacific. “India represents over 22 million broadband users and is growing rapidly, while the number of WiFi product offerings are limited. Indian consumers need more choice to improve their home networks, and the Motorola brand, which is trusted for industry leading technology, exceptional product quality and excellent performance is an ideal choice. With class-leading hardware coupled with the motosync app that offers parental controls, data tracking, and advanced management options, we expect Motorola MH7020 to be one of the leading WiFi mesh systems in the India market.”

Unlike dual-band mesh systems that can slow down your WiFi devices, Motorola Whole Home WiFi with Intelligent Tri-Band technology provides a dedicated channel for WiFi backhaul, assuring the fastest Internet speeds possible. With high-power WiFi amplifiers, the Motorola Whole Home WiFi System provides up to 5,000 square feet of coverage, eliminating WiFi dead spots in your home.

The Motorola MH7020 mesh system comes with a mobile app, formerly known as MotoManage. Upon purchase and download, Indian consumers will be directed to a free upgrade to the new motosync app— offering lifetime access to premium features for a seamless and secure connected experience. “Motorola MH7020 is the first integrated mesh WiFi system offering in the Indian market that combines high-quality Motorola hardware and a feature-rich motosync app powered by Minim, all at an affordable price,” said Mr. Srinivas R Nalla, Managing Director, Minim Asia Pvt. Ltd. “With wide-range performance and the largest area coverage in its segment, our product can blanket most WiFi dead zones across India households.

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