Nextech 10400 mAh (PB1000D) Heavy Duty Power Bank Review


By Jayanta Ghosh

Heavy duty power bank; perfect for a long trip
With the tremendous increase in the usage of smartphones, there is a need to keep them charged at all times and power outlet is usually not available everywhere you go. It is for this reason many companies have introduced Power Banks into the market. Nextech presents a power house Power Bank Charger 10400 mAh (PB1000D) for your mobile devices, etc. This power bank gives you the freedom to use your device without the daily worry of running out of battery power! Now you can keep your electronic devices fully charged while you are on the go. Charge your tablets, notebooks, MP3 player, mobile phones and more. This is the perfect travel-mate for your gadgets. No veed of carrying multiple chargers as this is a solution for multiple charging. It has an LED indicator that indicates about the charging.

Performance: This Nextech is very easy to carry around, though it’s a little bulky compared to some other power banks that are available in the market. But as this is 10400 mAh power house, it will keep your devices up and running while you are away from any charging points. Very ergonomically designed, it gives you IC protection for charging, overcharging, short circuit and discharge. On full charge, it gives my 4 times full life to my Alcatel Idol X+. You can easily charge this Power Bank with your mobile Micro USB Cable. It has an LED lamp that comes handy during power cuts, camping and many other indoor and outdoor situations.  It has an LCD display for charging indication. Another key and useful feature of this power bank is that you can charge two different devices at the same time. It takes approximately 6-7 hrs to fully charge this power bank and it weighs around 300g.

Price: Rs 3490/-
Pros: Two devices can be charged simultaneously, LED lamp, charging indicator
Cons: Priced a bit high, a little bulky

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